In the era of large language models (LLMs), your data is the difference maker. Join us on June 7-8 to learn how to use your data to build your AI moat at The Future of Data-Centric AI 2023. The free virtual conference is the largest annual gathering of the data-centric AI community. Thousands of data scientists, ML engineers, software developers, product managers, and AI leaders will explore how to leverage new AI advances such as LLMs, foundation models, generative AI, programmatic labeling, weak supervision, prompting, synthetic data, vector embeddings, and more using data-centric AI workflows

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The biggest gathering of the data-centric AI community

In 2021, we started with a humble hope that a hundred people might join an hour-long Zoom session on data-centric AI. It turned out that 1000+ people were interested, and we held a full-day summit with speakers such as Andrew Ng, Anima Anandkumar, and Chris Re.

In 2022, the conference grew to 50 talks, 70 speakers, and more than five thousand registered attendees. Rich Baich, CIA’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) discussed what data-centric AI means in the cyber context. Daphne Koller talked about on how the confluence of data and biology can accelerate drug discovery. Alex Ratner, CEO and co-founder of Snorkel AI, presented his “Cliffs Notes” for understanding the value of data-centric AI.

Read the 2022 conference highlights or watch the talks on Youtube.

This year we will bring 10,000+ people from the data-centric AI community with speakers from the Fortune 500, AI-first companies, and academia. Speakers from organizations such as Arista, Caterpillar, Comcast, CVS, EY, Georgetown University CSET, Google, Gretel, Harvard, Hugging Face, JP Morgan & Chase, Microsoft, Predibase, Seldon, Snorkel, Uniphore, Wayfair, Wells Fargo, and more will share their insights on how to turn your data into your AI moat.

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Details at a glance:

Date: June 7 – 8, 2023

Time: 8am – 2:30pm PT / each day

Format: Virtual and free

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Data-centric AI: vital now more than ever

AI has experienced remarkable advancements in recent months, driven by innovations in machine learning, particularly deep learning techniques. Large Language Models (LLMs) such as GPT-4 and LLaMA have revolutionized natural language processing and understanding, enabling a wide range of applications, from conversational AI to advanced text generation. Reinforcement learning has shown great promise in mastering complex games and decision-making tasks, while computer vision has progressed rapidly, allowing for more accurate image recognition, object detection, and scene understanding.

Additionally, the development of specialized AI hardware, such as powerful GPUs and TPUs, has accelerated the training and deployment of AI models, enabling more efficient and effective solutions across numerous industries. As AI continues to evolve, the focus on data-centric approaches—ensuring high-quality data and effective data engineering pipelines—is more critical than ever before.

The sessions at this year’s conference will focus on the following:

  • Data development techniques: programmatic labeling, synthetic data, active learning, weak supervision, data cleaning, and augmentation.
  • Enterprise use cases: predictive AI, generative AI, NLP, computer vision, conversational AI.
  • AI development stack: AutoML, ML frameworks, no-code/low-code development.
  • Foundation models/LLMs: fine-tuning, prompt engineering, prompt chaining, and enterprise adoption

New this year: a Snorkel Flow-focused sessions

Last year, attendees told us that they wanted to hear more about Snorkel Flow, Snorkel’s data-centric AI platform, and we listened. The day two agenda features talks from Snorkel customers, including Wayfair, Uniphore, Georgetown University CSET, and more, as well as sessions from Snorkel’s product, engineering, and research teams.

New this year: virtual poster session and poster competition

In keeping with Snorkel’s research roots, this year we have invited researchers and students to participate in a virtual poster session. The poster session will focus on foundation models, weak supervision, data labeling, and other data-centric AI topics and take place asynchronously on our event Slack server (another new addition for this year) starting on May 15.

Attendees who ask questions during the poster session will also help shape the agenda; Snorkel will invite three poster presenters to speak live on the main stage during the first day of the conference, and we will choose those presenters, in part, by how much activity we see related to their poster. All poster presenters invited to speak will win prizes from Lambda Labs, but conference attendees will vote on which of them wins the top prize: a Lambda Labs desktop GPU workstation.

Meet the Snorkel team (and each other) in person

Following the second day of the virtual conference on June 8, Snorkel will host an in-person meetup at our headquarters in Redwood City, California from 4-6 p.m. The meetup will include food and beverages.

Admission to the meetup is included in your registration for the virtual event. Just remember to check the box saying that you would like to attend.

The Future of Data-Centric AI 2023

At this year’s conference, 40+ speakers from our customer base, global enterprises, startups, and academia will deliver rich industry insights, case studies, and research findings on novel techniques.

We’re excited to host the world’s largest gathering of data-centric AI community in partnership with Microsoft, Hugging Face, Gretel, Together, Seldon, Predibase, and Lambda Labs.

Explore the full agenda here.