A radically faster approach to building and deploying AI applications

Modern AI approaches require massive labeled training datasets to learn from, which traditionally rely on armies of human annotators to label by hand. In Snorkel Flow, users programmatically label, build, and augment training data to drive a radically faster, more flexible, and higher quality end-to-end AI development and deployment process:
Build and deploy AI in hours without months of hand-labeling
Iteratively develop, monitor, and adapt to changing inputs and objectives
Keep data private by avoiding off-premises manual labeling
Leverage your entire organization's knowledge and data to fuel AI

Label & Build

Label and build training data programmatically in hours without months of hand-labeling

Integrate & Manage

Automatically clean, integrate, and manage programmatic training data from all sources

Train & Deploy

Train and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning models in-platform or via Python SDK

Analyze & Monitor

Analyze and monitor model performance to rapidly identify and correct error modes in the data
Label —

Label, augment, and build training data programmatically

Snorkel Flow starts with a fundamental departure from the status quo of labeling by hand: users develop programmatic operators to label, augment, and build training data. These range from simple but powerful push-button labeling functions — e.g., expressing rules or heuristics — to complex custom operators bringing diverse sources of signal to bear via the Python SDK. The result is a radically faster, more flexible interface to AI.
Manage —

Clean, integrate, and manage data for AI

Snorkel Flow automatically cleans, integrates, and manages the programmatic operators developed by users, relying on theoretically-grounded algorithmic techniques. Snorkel Flow also integrates hand-labeled data or other sources of signal to produce high-quality, versioned, and auditable training data: the high-octane fuel for AI.
Train and Deploy —

Train and deploy state-of-the-art models

In Snorkel Flow, rather than waiting on data to be labeled by hand, users can train and deploy state-of-the-art ML models with a button push, or use a Python SDK to plug into their own modeling pipelines. The result is high-accuracy models and applications beyond the speed of hand-labeled data.
Analyze and Monitor —

Analyze and monitor to close the loop

In Snorkel Flow, monitoring and analysis enables users to rapidly identify and correct error modes in their data and models. The net effect: AI as an iterative development process, rather than a one-and-done exercise bound by the data.

Case Study: Proven Technology

Snorkel Flow is based on technology developed at the Stanford AI Lab, and deployed with some of the world's leading organizations. For example, the Snorkel AI team deployed an early version of the Snorkel Flow technology with teams at Google, finding that it could replace hand-labeling hundreds of thousands of data points and offer increased flexibility and speed.
Hand labels replaced
Improvement by repurposing organizational resources
Labels in < 30 min.
Application deployment —

Build end-to-end AI application workflows that go beyond single models

Build full, AI-powered application workflows — from data ingestion and preprocessing to postprocessing and business process automation.
Deploy end-to-end workflows developed in Snorkel Flow — including custom code operators — as REST APIs with the push of a button to power your applications.
With flexible on-premises and self-hosted installation options, Snorkel Flow's programmatic labeling powers the first truly privacy-first ML solution.
Advanced developer access —

Configurable and interoperable via Python SDK

Use Snorkel Flow's Python SDK to drive development workflows from data processing to model training to deployment — enabling programmatic control and easy interoperability.
Team collaboration —

A collaborative platform for the cross-functional teams that drive AI

Successful AI solutions require collaboration across roles and teams — from the subject matter expert's knowledge to the ML engineer's deployment pipeline, Snorkel Flow is the only end-to-end platform that truly brings all roles together via the data.

Accelerate your AI application development today