• Top-10 US bank uses AI/ML to triage loan documents based on risk exposure
    September 30, 2022Nick Harvey
    - To meet the requirements of unexpected regulatory changes brought on by the pandemic, a top-10 US bank needed to urgently adapt its underperforming model-centric artificial intelligence and machine learning development approach to a data-centric one. The team used Snorkel Flow to automatically classify thousands of loan documents and extract critical… ...
  • How Schlumberger uses Snorkel Flow to enhance proactive well management
    September 30, 2022Nick Harvey
    - Schlumberger is the world's leading provider of technology and services for the energy industry, operating in over 120 countries. The company provides well maintenance and analytics services to the world's biggest oil companies, and it believes that large-scale data analysis and artificial intelligence/machine learning will help them remain a leader… ...
  • How a global custodial bank automated KYC verification with Snorkel Flow
    September 30, 2022Nick Harvey
    - A global custodial bank built a data-centric AI application using Snorkel Flow to save its team of experts thousands of hours of manual information extraction for KYC verification as part of customer onboarding. In just a few weeks, the team was able to extract 50+ attributes from various document formats,… ...
  • How Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) used Snorkel Flow to scale clinical trial screening
    September 26, 2022Molly Friederich
    - MSKCC, the world’s oldest and largest cancer center, sought to identify patients as candidates for clinical trial studies by classifying the presence of a relevant protein, HER-2. Reviewing patient records for HER-2 is onerous; clinicians and researchers must parse through complex, variable patient data. By unblocking training data labeling and… ...
  • Improving upon Precision, Recall, and F1 with Gain metrics
    September 8, 2022Bradley Fowler
    - This blog post introduces variants of Precision, Recall, and F1 metrics called Precision Gain, Recall Gain, and F1 Gain. The gain variants have desirable properties such as meaningful linear interpolation of PR curves and a universal baseline across tasks. This post explains what these benefits mean for you, how the… ...
  • Summer 2022 Snorkel Flow release roundup
    August 30, 2022Molly Friederich
    - On the heels of the second annual Future of Data-Centric AI event, we’re energized by what we learned from data scientists, machine learning engineers, and AI leaders who are adopting data-centric approaches to accelerate AI success. The Snorkel Flow platform provides these teams with a seamless workflow across training data… ...
  • Introducing Continuous Model Feedback to drive rapid data quality improvement
    August 29, 2022Molly Friederich
    - Continuous Model Feedback, available in beta as part of the new Studio experience, is Snorkel Flow’s latest capabilities to make training data creation and model development more integrated, automated, and guided. ...
  • The Future of Data-Centric AI 2022 day 2 highlights
    August 5, 2022Louis Bouchard
    - Snorkel AI just hosted the second day of The Future of Data-Centric AI conference 2022. Across 40+ sessions, 50+ Data scientists, ML engineers, and AI leaders came together to share insights, best practices, and research on adopting data-centric approaches with thousands of attendees from all around the world. Aarti Bagul,… ...
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