• Combining human and artificial intelligence with human-in-the-loop ML | FDCAI
    December 28, 2022Team Snorkel
    - More components in an ML lifecycle are designed to run on autopilot, but some tasks require human-in-the-loop ML, an active research topic that has seen an increasing number of publications in the last 10 years. ...
  • How a top 3 US bank used Snorkel Flow to automate 10-K review for their analysts
    December 23, 2022Nick Harvey
    - A central innovation team at a top US bank wanted to modernize its AI development and data annotation processes in order to create a custom natural language processing (NLP) model that could extract important financial information from 10-Ks. Manually reviewing these documents was taking up valuable time that could be… ...
  • How programmatic labeling can minimize data exposure
    December 21, 2022Devang Sachdev
    - MIT’s Technology Review reported this week that workers in Venezuela contracted by outsourced data annotation services provider shared customer data—low-angled pictures intended to be labeled, including one that featured a woman in a private moment in the bathroom—with each other on social media. Programmatic labeling could have minimized this. ...
  • How Georgetown University’s CSET uses Snorkel Flow to build NLP applications to inform policy research
    December 19, 2022Nick Harvey
    - Georgetown University's CSET is building next-generation NLP applications using Snorkel Flow to classify complex research documents. Snorkel Flow drastically reduced labeling, model training, and iteration time and better equipped CSET's data science team to collaborate closely with analysts to gather, process, and interpret data at scale.  ...
  • Seven research papers push foundation model boundaries
    December 15, 2022Matt Casey
    - The recent debut of ChatGPT astounded the public with the power and speed of foundation models, but their enterprise use remains hampered by adaptation and deployment challenges. In the past year, Snorkel AI has researched several ways to overcome those challenges.  ...
  • Snorkel AI Partners with Advanced Analytics Consultancy Aimpoint Digital
    December 12, 2022Friea Berg
    - Snorkel AI is delighted to announce a partnership with Aimpoint Digital, a premier analytics firm specializing in AI application development that builds, operationalizes, and scales data science solutions for biopharma, manufacturing, retail, and other major industries. Aimpoint Digital leads the industry in solving complex challenges and exploiting value-generating opportunities for… ...
  • Supercharge data scientist and domain expert collaboration with Comments and Tags in Snorkel Flow
    December 9, 2022Marty Moesta
    - Labeling data manually can be a grind. Snorkel Flow slashes labeling time from months to minutes by allowing data scientists and domain experts collaborate through labeling functions. Snorkel Flow offers two unique capabilities that further supercharge that collaboration: Comments and Tags. ...
  • Snorkel AI Team presents research at NeurIPS 2022
    November 29, 2022Snorkel Research Team
    - The Snorkel AI team will present five research papers advancing weak supervision and programmatic labeling at the NeurIPS 2022 conference that started this week. ...
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