• Prompting Methods with Language Models and Their Applications to Weak Supervision
    January 19, 2022Team Snorkel
    - Machine Learning Whiteboard (MLW) Open-source Series  Today, Ryan Smith, machine learning research engineer at Snorkel AI, talks about prompting methods with language models and some applications they have with weak supervision. In this talk, we're essentially going to be using this paper as a template—this paper is a great survey… ...
  • Advancing Snorkel from research to production
    January 18, 2022Team Snorkel
    - The Snorkel AI founding team started the Snorkel Research Project at Stanford AI Lab in 2015, where we set out to explore a higher-level interface to machine learning through training data. This project was sponsored by Google, Intel, DARPA, and several other leading organizations and the research was represented in… ...
  • Building AI Applications Collaboratively Using Data-centric AI
    January 14, 2022Team Snorkel
    - The Future of Data-Centric AI Talk Series Background Roshni Malani received her PhD in Software Engineering from the University of California, San Diego, and has previously worked on Siri at Apple and as a founding engineer for Google Photos. She gave a presentation at the Future of Data-Centric AI virtual… ...
  • Meet the Snorkelers
    January 5, 2022Team Snorkel
    - At Snorkel AI, we’re building a unique team that’s equally ambitious and supportive. Our diverse experiences and perspectives help shape our team from engineering to customer success to operations and everything in between. ...
  • Epoxy: Using Semi-Supervised Learning to Augment Weak Supervision
    December 16, 2021Team Snorkel
    - Machine Learning Whiteboard (MLW) Open-source Series We launched the machine learning whiteboard series (MLW) was launched earlier this year as an open-invitation forum to brainstorm ideas and discuss the latest papers, techniques, and workflows in artificial intelligence. Everyone interested in learning about machine learning can participate in an informal and… ...
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Facts and Myths
    November 23, 2021Team Snorkel
    - ScienceTalks with Abigail See. Diving into the misconceptions of AI, the challenges of natural language generation (NLG), and the path to large-scale NLG deployment In this episode of Science Talks, Snorkel AI’s Braden Hancock chats with Abigail See, an expert natural language processing (NLP) researcher and educator from Stanford University.… ...
  • PonderNet: Learning to Ponder by DeepMind
    November 10, 2021Team Snorkel
    - Machine Learning Whiteboard (MLW) Open-source Series For our new visitors, we started our machine learning whiteboard (MLW) series earlier this year as an open-invite space to brainstorm ideas and discuss the latest papers, techniques, and workflows in the AI space. In which, we emphasize an informal and open environment to everyone interested… ...
  • Design Principles for Iteratively Building AI Applications
    November 8, 2021Vincent Sunn Chen
    - Enabling iterative development workflows with Snorkel Flow’s Application Studio. Consider this scenario— we’re AI engineers, and we’re building a social media monitoring application to track the sentiment of Fortune 500 company mentions in the news. ...
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