Snorkel AI has accepted the first batch of applications for its first annual virtual poster competition. But there’s still time to add yours to the mix.

Our virtual poster competition offers an excellent opportunity for researchers and academics to showcase their latest research and findings on a global stage. The event will be a crucial component of the Future of Data-Centric AI conference, which will bring together some of the brightest minds in AI and machine learning from all over the world.

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What is the virtual poster competition?

The virtual poster competition will take place asynchronously on the Future of Data-Centric AI Slack workspace. It will begin on May 15 and continue until the first day of the conference on June 7.

Each poster will have a dedicated Slack channel where conference attendees are encouraged to ask questions of the posters’ authors, who will answer them to the best of their ability.

Attendees who ask questions during the poster session will help shape the agenda of the live conference; Snorkel will invite three poster presenters to speak live on the main stage on June 7, and we will choose those presenters, in part, by how much activity we see related to their poster.

All poster presenters invited to speak will win prizes from Lambda Labs, and conference attendees will vote on which of them wins the top prize: a Lambda Labs desktop GPU workstation.

What themes do the posters cover?

We asked the community to bring its best and most recent research on how to further the field of data-centric AI, and our accepted applicants have delivered.

Those approved so far cover a broad range of themes—including data cleaning, data labeling, and data integration. Some poster applications focus on machine learning and natural language processing, while others present new techniques and algorithms or practical applications of AI in different industries. Topics range in scope from specific technical challenges of weak supervision to the ethics of the field and how it could help evaluate the impacts of climate change.

Our first batch of approved applications collectively demonstrates the diversity of research being conducted in the field right now.

There’s still time for you to submit your poster proposal!

If you are interested in submitting your poster proposal, there is still time to do so. We have extended the application deadline to Sunday, May 14, 2023—the day before the virtual poster session starts.

To submit your poster proposal, you first need to have published a paper related to data-centric AI in the last year. Then, you can follow the instructions at to submit your title, abstract, biography, and other necessary details.

Filling out the application should take most applicants less than 15 minutes, and it could earn you thousands of dollars or prizes in addition to recognition from your peers.

Once we receive a submission, a panel of experts will review it. We’ll send further instructions to accepted applicants, and completed posters will be displayed on the Future of Data-Centric AI website and featured on the event Slack workspace.

What is the Future of Data-Centric AI?

Started in 2021, the Future of Data-Centric AI virtual conference is the largest annual gathering of the data-centric AI community. This unique event brings together researchers and industry experts to discuss the field’s latest developments and share practical solutions to enterprise ML problems.

This year we will bring 10,000+ people from the data-centric AI community with speakers from the Fortune 500, AI-first companies, and academia. Speakers from organizations such as Arista, Caterpillar, Comcast, CVS, EY, Georgetown University CSET, Google, Gretel, Harvard, Hugging Face, JP Morgan & Chase, Microsoft, Predibase, Seldon, Snorkel, Uniphore, Wayfair, Wells Fargo, and more will share their insights on how to turn your data into your AI moat.

See more about what to expect at this year’s conference here.

We’re excited! Join in!

We’re excited by the caliber of posters we have accepted so far, and we would love to see what you have been working on. If you’re not in a position to submit your poster, we look forward to seeing you in the audience on June 7.