In just a few weeks, Snorkel is excited to join Google in sunny Las Vegas for Google Cloud Next (April 9-11).

At Google Cloud Next, you’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from Snorkel, Google, and AI innovators like Wayfair and Wells Fargo about how you can move AI prototypes into production by programmatically developing your data. You’ll learn how Fortune 500 enterprises have built production-ready, highly custom AI solutions using Google Gemini and PaLM 2 models, Vertex AI, and Snorkel Flow. You also get the chance to meet Snorkel AI co-founder Paroma Varma and get insights into how she’s building an innovative, adaptable, and flexible AI/ML company.

With about 750 sessions – and more than 200 on the AI track alone – it will be a busy week!  Here are our team’s picks for five sessions you won’t want to miss.

Full disclosure: this list includes two sessions that feature speakers from Snorkel AI. And, while certainly biased, we also think these sessions promise to be both impactful and useful.

How Wayfair is transforming customer experiences with data-centric AI

Description: Learn how Wayfair is harnessing the power of machine learning and data to make it easier for customers to find the exact home products they’re looking for with Snorkel AI on Google Cloud. You’ll find out how highly accurate product tags can be extracted from supplier-provided labels and product images to clean and enrich online catalogs. This delivers higher-quality content for customers and the ability to quickly adapt as customer searches evolve.

Featured speakers:

  • Kieran Kavanagh, Principal Architect, Retail Google Cloud
  • Margaret Pierson, Director of Machine Learning, Wayfair
  • Saanjeith Varathan, Machine Learning Success Manager, Snorkel AI

Time: April 10th 1:45-2:30pm

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Operationalizing GenAI with Vertex AI

Description: The emergence of foundation models and generative AI has introduced a new era for building AI systems. Selecting the right model from a range of architectures and sizes, curating data, engineering optimal prompts, tuning models for specific tasks, grounding model outputs in real-world data, optimizing hardware – these are just a few of the novel challenges that large models introduce. Delve into the fundamental tenets of MLOps, the necessary adaptations required for generative AI, and capabilities within Vertex AI to support this new workflow.

Featured speakers:

  • Mikhail Chrestkha, Product Manager, Vertex AI, Google Cloud
  • Debasish Das, Director of Engineering, Machine learning, Credit Karma
  • Matt Ferrari, Head of Data, Wayfair
  • Chase Lyall, Product Manager, Vertex AI, Google Cloud

Time: Day 3, April 11 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM PDT

What’s next with generative AI at Google Cloud

Description: In this spotlight, we will explore Google Cloud’s approach to getting started with generative AI and share examples of how organizations are putting generative AI into production with Google Cloud to create new value for their customers, employees and partners. Join the session to learn about all our new announcements planned for the best foundation models and the best integrated platform to work with when it comes to generative AI.

Featured speakers:

  • Warren Barkley, Sr. Director, Product Management Vertex, Google
  • Polong Lin, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud
  • Kalyan Pamarthy, Group Product Manager, Vertex AI, Google Cloud
  • Fiona Tan, CTO, Wayfair


  • Tuesday, April 9 • 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM
  • Wednesday, April 10 • 4:15 PM – 5:00 PM

The past, present, and future of Google Kubernetes Engine

Description: Kubernetes is the de facto standard for running modern, containerized workloads in cloud. Google open-sourced Kubernetes 10 years ago and has built the easiest to use and most scalable managed service in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Join this keynote to learn how top customers are leveraging GKE to run their businesses and to hear about the latest innovations and future directions of GKE.

Featured speakers:

  • Ameer Abbas, Outbound Product Manager, Google Cloud
  • Drew Bradstock, Sr Director, PM, Cloud Runtimes, Google Cloud
  • Gari Singh, Product Manager, Google Cloud

Time: Day 3, April 11, 09:00 AM – 09:45 AM PDT

Diversity in Startups: Tactics for Accelerating Success

Description: As organizations – especially startups! – strive for innovation, adaptability, and flexibility, the ability to tap diverse perspectives represents a vital competitive advantage. Recruiting and nurturing diverse teams is an ongoing challenge, and the current competitive climate intensifies the difficulties associated with hiring. Join this panel discussion to hear strategies and actionable advice for capitalizing on diverse workforces.

Featured speakers:

  • Bella Liu, Co-founder and CEO, Orby AI
  • Paroma Varma, Co-Founder & Head of Applied ML, Snorkel AI
  • Dwayne Forde, Co-Founder & CTO, Mantle
  • Melonie Parker, Chief Diversity Officer, Google
  • Beth Rogozinski, CEO, Oncoustics

Time: Wednesday, April 10, 11:45 AM – 12:30 PM PDT

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How to find Snorkel AI at Google Cloud Next

For a deeper conversation, we invite you to stop by the Snorkel booth in the AI Innovation Space.  Our team can explain how top banks, insurers, healthcare providers, and other enterprises are working with Google and Snorkel to solve real business challenges today.  Plus, you can learn more about how Snorkel seamlessly integrates with Google AI and how Snorkel Flow + Google AI built an enterprise-ready model in a day.

We’re excited to understand more about your challenge and explore how Snorkel can help you build enterprise AI applications faster (and more accurately) than ever before.

We look forward to seeing you at Google Next!

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