Walking safely before building flying saucer seatbelts: introducing Enterprise Alignment

Snorkel takes a step on the path to enterprise superalignment with new data development workflows for enterprise alignment

Alex Ratner, Tom Walshe, Chris Glaze, Fred Sala, Paroma Varma, Hoang Tran
May 20, 2024

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    - In this episode of ScienceTalks, Snorkel AI’s Braden Hancock Hugging Face’s Chief Science Officer, Thomas Wolf. Thomas shares his story about how he got into machine learning and discusses important design decisions behind the widely adopted Transformers library, as well as the challenges of bringing research projects into production. ScienceTalks… ...
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    October 12, 2020Team Snorkel
    - Our mission at Snorkel AI is to make artificial intelligence practical with an end-to-end machine learning platform that focuses centrally on training data. Our technology has been used for incredibly important efforts – from solving medical challenges with Stanford Medicine to identifying prejudiced language in social media. We’re just getting… ...
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