Introducing Snorkel’s Foundation Model Data Platform

Discover Snorkel’s Foundation Model Data Platform: A revolutionary step to make AI data development systematic and programmatic. It enhances model accuracy by facilitating the selection, labeling, cleaning, and curation of data, which is often overlooked yet crucial. Snorkel’s solutions include Snorkel Foundry, Snorkel GenFlow, and Snorkel Flow, which cater to various AI use cases. Their aim is to create a unique ‘GPT-You’ for every enterprise, enabling AI customization based on specific data and use cases.

Alex Ratner
June 12, 2023

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  • Introducing Continuous Model Feedback to drive rapid data quality improvement
    August 29, 2022Molly Friederich
    - Continuous Model Feedback, available in beta as part of the new Studio experience, is Snorkel Flow’s latest capabilities to make training data creation and model development more integrated, automated, and guided. ...
  • The Future of Data-Centric AI 2022 day 2 highlights
    August 5, 2022Louis Bouchard
    - Snorkel AI just hosted the second day of The Future of Data-Centric AI conference 2022. Across 40+ sessions, 50+ Data scientists, ML engineers, and AI leaders came together to share insights, best practices, and research on adopting data-centric approaches with thousands of attendees from all around the world. Aarti Bagul,… ...
  • The Future of Data-Centric AI 2022 day 1 highlights
    August 4, 2022Louis Bouchard
    - Snorkel AI just hosted the first day of The Future of Data-Centric AI conference 2022. This conference brings together data scientists, ML engineers, and AI leaders to share insights, best practices, and research on how to evolve the ML lifecycle from model-centric to data-centric approaches. This conference takes place over… ...
  • 10-Ks information extraction case studies
    July 6, 2022Team Snorkel
    - Building NLP techniques to understand 10-Ks is time-consuming, costly, and challenging. In this post, Machine Learning Engineer, Aarti Bagul discusses three information extraction case studies on how banks around the world are building highly accurate NLP applications using Snorkel Flow's AI platform. From retail banking to hedge fund investing, NLP… ...
  • Introducing Cluster View: Instant data insight made actionable to speed AI development
    June 30, 2022Molly Friederich
    - Programmatic labeling moves a classic technique from interesting to high-impact So much of real-world AI development entails working with text data that’s messy — in fact, 80%+ of enterprise data is unstructured. And while state-of-the-art models get a lot of the glory, creating the training data that conveys what your model needs… ...
  • Data-centric approaches to multi-label classification
    June 29, 2022Kanyes Thaker
    - AI systems are well-suited to tasks involving recognizing and predicting data patterns. Supervised classification systems categorize unseen data into a finite set of discrete classes by learning from millions of hand-labeled labeled sample points. These classifiers are powerful business tools – they automate document sorting, customer sentiment analysis, sales performance,… ...
  • Data annotation guidelines and best practices
    June 28, 2022Anastassia Kornilova
    - What is data annotation? Data annotation refers to the process of categorizing and labeling data for training datasets. In order for a training dataset to be usable, it must be categorized appropriately and annotated for a specific use case. With Snorkel Flow, organizations can annotate high-quality labeled training data via… ...
  • 3 ways to use Snorkel’s Labeling Functions
    June 24, 2022Nic Acton
    - Labeling functions are fundamental building blocks of programmatic labeling that encode diverse sources of weak labeling signals to produce high-quality labeled data at scale. Let’s start with the core motivation for labeling functions: over time, every major commercial organization and government agency builds various valuable, often bespoke knowledge resources. These… ...
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