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  • Accuracy top concern for Foundation Model adoption—Poll
    January 31, 2023Matt Casey
    - Most poll respondents at Snorkel AI’s recent Foundation Model Virtual Summit named questionable accuracy as the biggest barrier preventing them from getting organizational value from Foundation Models. ...
  • How Foundation Models bolster programmatic labeling
    January 26, 2023Snorkel Team
    - Snorkel CEO Alex Ratner interviews Mayee Chen about how Liger improves the effectiveness of programmatic labeling through foundation model embeddings. ...
  • Snorkel AI partners with Snowflake to bring data-centric AI to the Snowflake Data Cloud
    January 25, 2023Friea Berg
    - Snorkel AI has teamed with Snowflake to help our shared customers transform raw, unstructured data into actionable, AI-powered insights. ...
  • Unmasking Trafficking Risk in Commercial Sex Supply Chains with Machine Learning
    January 20, 2023Snorkel Team
    - Hamsa Bastani presented a summary of her and her co-authors’ ongoing work using machine learning and Snorkel AI’s tools to detect and track activities that are associated with a high risk for global sex trafficking. ...
  • Prompting and weak supervision to build better, smaller models
    January 19, 2023Snorkel Team
    - Snorkel AI co-founder and CEO Alex Ratner recently interviewed several Snorkel researchers about their published academic papers. In this video, Alex talks with Ryan Smith, Senior Applied Scientist at Snorkel, about the work he did on using foundation models to build compact, deployable, and effective models. ...
  • FM Summit shows Foundation Model hurdles and potential
    January 18, 2023Matt M. Casey
    - Snorkel AI held its Foundation Model Summit Jan 17, bringing together 12 presenters and over 600 attendees at 10 virtual sessions. The event drew registrants from across many sectors, including the tech industry, healthcare, and financial services. ...
  • Contrastive Learning boosts Foundation Model specialization
    January 13, 2023Snorkel Team
    - Snorkel AI co-founder and CEO Alex Ratner talks with Ananya Kumar about the work he did on improving the effectiveness of foundation models by using contrastive learning, image augmentations, and labeled subsamples. ...
  • Adapting language-based models beyond English
    January 12, 2023Anastassia Kornilova and April Guo
    - While a majority of Natural Language Processing (NLP) models focus on English, the real world requires solutions that work with languages across the globe. This demo shows how effectively users can build cross-language models in Snorkel Flow. ...
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