Introducing Snorkel’s Foundation Model Data Platform

Discover Snorkel’s Foundation Model Data Platform: A revolutionary step to make AI data development systematic and programmatic. It enhances model accuracy by facilitating the selection, labeling, cleaning, and curation of data, which is often overlooked yet crucial. Snorkel’s solutions include Snorkel Foundry, Snorkel GenFlow, and Snorkel Flow, which cater to various AI use cases. Their aim is to create a unique ‘GPT-You’ for every enterprise, enabling AI customization based on specific data and use cases.

Alex Ratner
June 12, 2023

Latest posts

  • Introduction to trustworthy AI
    April 7, 2022Alexis Zumwalt
    - The adoption of trustworthy AI and its successful integration into our country’s most critical systems is paramount to achieving the goal of employing AI applications to accelerate economic prosperity and national security. However, traditional approaches to developing AI applications suffer from a critical flaw that leads to significant ethics and… ...
  • How to better govern ML models? Hint: auditable training data
    April 6, 2022Jonathan Dahlberg
    - ML models will always have some level of bias. Rather than relying on black-box algorithms, how can we make the entire AI development workflow more auditable? How do we build applications where bias can be easily detected and quickly managed? Today, most organizations focus their model governance efforts on investigating… ...
  • Algorithms that leverage data from other tasks with Chelsea Finn
    March 31, 2022Team Snorkel
    - The Future of Data-Centric AI Talk Series Background Chelsea Finn is an assistant professor of computer science and electrical engineering at Stanford University, whose research has been widely recognized, including in the New York Times and MIT Technology Review. In this talk, Chelsea talks about algorithms that use data from… ...
  • Snorkel AI welcomes industry leaders to the team
    March 21, 2022Alex Ratner
    -   ...
  • Learning with imperfect labels and visual data with Anima Anandkumar
    March 18, 2022Team Snorkel
    - The future of data-centric AI talk series Background Anima Anandkumar holds dual positions in academia and industry. She is a Bren professor at Caltech and the director of machine learning research at NVIDIA. Anima also has a long list of accomplishments ranging from the Alfred P. Sloan scholarship to the… ...
  • Weak Supervision Modeling with Fred Sala
    March 17, 2022Team Snorkel
    - Understanding the label model. Machine learning whiteboard (MLW) open-source series Background Frederic Sala, is an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a research scientist at Snorkel AI. Previously, he was a postdoc in Chris Re’s lab at Stanford. His research focuses on data-driven systems and weak supervision. In… ...
  • Tips for using a data-centric AI approach
    March 9, 2022Team Snorkel
    - The future of data-centric AI talk series Background Andrew Ng is a machine-learning pioneer, founder and CEO of Landing AI, and a former team leader at Google Brain. Recently he gave a presentation to the Future of Data-Centric AI virtual conference, where he discussed some practical tips for responsible data-centric… ...
  • Resilient enterprise AI application development
    March 3, 2022Arjun Prakash
    - Using a data-centric approach to capture the best of rule-based systems and ML models for enterprise AI One of the biggest challenges to making AI practical for the enterprise is keeping the AI application relevant (and therefore valuable) in the face of ever-changing input data and evolving business objectives. Practitioners typically… ...
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