Walking safely before building flying saucer seatbelts: introducing Enterprise Alignment

Snorkel takes a step on the path to enterprise superalignment with new data development workflows for enterprise alignment

Alex Ratner, Tom Walshe, Chris Glaze, Fred Sala, Paroma Varma, Hoang Tran
May 20, 2024

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  • Cleanlab CEO shows automatic data-cleansing tools
    February 17, 2023Snorkel Team
    - Cleanlab Co-Founder and CEO Curtis Northcutt presents his company's automatic, universal and open-source tools to quickly clean data sets. ...
  • Aspect-based sentiment analysis in Snorkel Flow
    February 15, 2023Lia Chin-Purcell
    - Understanding and quantifying people's opinions has become increasingly important to businesses, but the way people can express multiple thoughts in the same sentence has frustrated practitioners' efforts to extract those opinions cleanly—a problem we can solve through aspect-based sentiment analysis (ABSA). ...
  • Comcast’s data-centric approach to speech interfaces
    February 14, 2023Snorkel Team
    - Jan Neumann, Vice President of Machine Learning for Comcast Applied AI and Discovery, describes Comcast's data-centric AI approach to speech. ...
  • Meta research manager talks speech and search
    February 10, 2023Snorkel Team
    - Meta senior applied research manager Anoop Sinha and Snorkel AI co-founder Braden Hancock discuss mastering speech and search with TWIML host Sam Charrington. ...
  • Using Snowflake Connector in Snorkel Flow
    February 8, 2023 Vashisht Madhavan
    - As part of Snorkel AI’s partnership with Snowflake, users can now upload millions of rows of data seamlessly from their Snowflake warehouse into Snorkel Flow via the natively-integrated Snowflake connector. With a few clicks, a user can upload massive amounts of Snowflake data and quickly develop high-quality ML models using… ...
  • NASA ML Lead on its WorldView citizen scientist no-code tool
    February 6, 2023Snorkel Team
    - Anirudh Koul is Machine Learning Lead for the NASA Frontier Development Lab and the Head of Machine Learning Sciences at Pinterest. He presented at Snorkel AI’s 2022 Future of Data Centric AI (FDCAI) Conference. ...
  • Snorkel AI and Google Cloud accelerate AI innovation
    February 2, 2023Friea Berg
    - Snorkel AI is teaming up with Google Cloud to help F500 companies and AI innovators solve their most difficult problems. ...
  • Building better datasets with Snorkel Flow error analysis
    February 2, 2023Josh McGrath
    - As machine learning practitioners, few of us would expect the first version of a new model to achieve our objective. We plan for multiple rounds of iteration to address errors and improve performance, and the Snorkel Flow platform provides tools to enable this kind of iteration within the data-centric AI… ...
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