Walking safely before building flying saucer seatbelts: introducing Enterprise Alignment

Snorkel takes a step on the path to enterprise superalignment with new data development workflows for enterprise alignment

Alex Ratner, Tom Walshe, Chris Glaze, Fred Sala, Paroma Varma, Hoang Tran
May 20, 2024

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  • Out of distribution blindness: why to fix it and how energy can help
    May 3, 2023Snorkel Team
    - Sharon Li is an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She presented “Detecting Data Distributional Shift: Challenges and Opportunities” at Snorkel AI’s The Future of Data-Centric AI Summit in 2022. The talk covered a novel approach for handling out-of-distribution objects. ...
  • Debugging data to build better and more fair ML applications
    April 28, 2023Snorkel Team
    - Dr. Ce Zhang is an associate professor in Computer Science at ETH Zürich. He presented “Building Machine Learning Systems for the Era of Data-Centric AI” at Snorkel AI’s The Future of Data-Centric AI event in 2022. ...
  • Machine learning on Kubernetes: wisdom learned at Snorkel AI
    April 27, 2023Will Huang
    - Snorkel Flow handles intense machine learning workloads, and we’ve built our infrastructure on a foundation of Kubernetes—which was not designed with machine learning in mind. ...
  • Harvard professor: DataPerf and AI’s need for data benchmarks
    April 25, 2023Snorkel Team
    - Harvard Professor Vijay Janapa Reddi's presentation: “DataPerf: Benchmarks for data” from Snorkel AI’s 2022 Future of Data-Centric AI event. ...
  • AI for banking in the era of ChatGPT
    April 20, 2023Harshini Jayaram
    - Forward-looking companies in finance, including banks, have looked to technology to meet challenges and are reaping the rewards of doing so. ...
  • Uniphore chooses Snorkel Flow to accelerate conversational AI
    April 19, 2023Nick Harvey
    - Uniphore, a conversational AI and automation leader, has chosen Snorkel’s data-centric AI platform to accelerate AI development. ...
  • Discovering climate change impact with Snorkel-enabled NLP
    April 18, 2023Snorkel Team
    - Prasanna Balaprakash, research and development lead from Argonne National Laboratory gave a presentation entitled “Extracting the Impact of Climate Change from Scientific Literature using Snorkel-Enabled NLP” at Snorkel AI’s Future of Data-Centric AI Workshop in August, 2022. ...
  • AMA technique: a trick to build systems with foundation models
    April 13, 2023Snorkel Team
    - Simran Arora is a machine learning researcher at Stanford University. She presented “Ask Me Anything: How are Foundation Models Changing the Way We Build Software” at Snorkel AI’s Foundation Model Virtual Summit 2023. ...
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