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Fine-tune and adapt LLMs to your business needs by programmatically developing your data using Snorkel Flow.

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“With Snorkel Flow, we cut labeling time and significantly accelerated model development when delivering NLP solutions.”

Catherine Aiken
CSET Director of Data Science and Research

Build domain-specific AI models with better accuracy using Snorkel Flow


Fine-tune AI models for the enterprise


Fine-tune on diverse conversational datasets for enhanced language understanding and response accuracy.

Document Analysis

Automate the extraction and analysis of information from documents, such as forms or invoices, streamlining administrative processes.

AI search

Refine search algorithms using private and fast-changing content for more relevant and precise results.

AI data development for model fine-tuning blueprint


Fine-tuning imperatives for enterprise AI

Programmatic data curation

Unique programmatic approach to sampling, filtering, and ranking, based on our existing programmatic/weak supervision techniques.


Consolidate large models down to smaller, faster, and more accurate models that are purpose-built and cheaper to run.

Customization and fine-tuning

Quickly customize models for specific tasks, and response styles, or incorporate additional knowledge 100x faster.

Risk management

Control what types of content are created or transmitted through prompts or other methods to reduce the risk of sensitive data exposure.

Lifecycle management

Continuously improve model performance to respond to changes in requirements and markets faster. 

Prompt engineering

Easily Iterate on prompts and prompt templates programmatically to refine data, correct errors, and incorporate SME feedback that result in more accurate models.

Synthetic data

Create new data to protect PII or adjust underrepresented or over-represented variables within your data with the same distribution.

Transparency & audibility

Improve model trustworthiness and predictability by knowing with certainty the data that was used to train your model.

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