The enterprise data scientist's guide to LLM customization

How to fine-tune production LLMs quickly and cost-efficiently with your data

Generative large language models (LLMs) have excited data science leaders more than any other technology since the emergence of deep learning. However, those same leaders are quickly discovering that off-the-shelf LLMs often fall short on specialized tasks.

To boost performance, data scientists must fine-tune LLMs through carefully labeled and curated data—a perennial blocker of AI projects.

In this free eBook, you’ll discover practical solutions for creating the data needed to fine-tune LLMs and learn how to overcome the key challenges in LLM customization, including data quality, availability, and efficient model training.

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  • Why off-the-shelf LLMs alone will not satisfy your business needs
  • How data drives LLM customization and how to efficiently develop your data for LLM customization
  • Why LLM distillation is likely to explode in importance in 2024

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