AI for government

Snorkel AI's partnership with the U.S. Government started with the 20+ government grants that funded the original research at the Stanford AI Lab, and it continues with the many government customers that we are proud to serve today.

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AI For Government

Snorkel AI's partnership with the U.S. Government started with the 20+ government grants that funded the original research at the Stanford AI Lab, and it continues with the many government customers that we are proud to serve today.

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Capabilities —

Snorkel Flow

Snorkel Flow is the only platform that enables organizations to build AI applications with programmatic data labeling, eliminating the need to hand label data which is notoriously expensive and inefficient.

Data-centric AI

Snorkel AI is leading the shift from model-centric
to data-centric AI development to make AI practical.


Save time and costs by replacing manual labeling with rapid, programmatic labeling.


Adapt to changing data or business goals by quickly changing code, not manually re-labeling entire datasets.


Incorporate subject matter experts' knowledge by collaborating around a common interface–the data needed to train models.


Develop and deploy high-quality AI models via rapid, guided iteration on the part that matters–the training data.


Version and audit data like code, leading to more responsive and ethical deployments.


Reduce risk and meet compliance by labeling programmatically and keeping data in-house, not shipping to external annotators.

Use cases

AI solutions for government

Government agencies use Snorkel Flow to build machine learning models and AI applications across a wide variety of missions and use cases.
Aquisition and financial management
Snorkel Flow helps commercial customers and government agencies alike to quickly and easily create powerful AI/ML applications to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their financial operations. From unlocking new analyses, insights, and operational capabilities to smoothly ensuring regulatory compliance, Snorkel Flow enables your organization to go beyond limited off-the-shelf tools with world-class solutions built for your exact needs.
Enterprise knowledge management
Extract clauses, dates, parties, and other custom entities from complex contracts with high accuracy and flexibility using Snorkel Flow. Populate knowledge bases with information extracted from unstructured documents and structured data sources to support analytics and improve decision making.
Fraud detection and risk classification
Identify and rapidly react to potentially fraudulent financial activities, plus monitor documents and transactions to recognize potentially spurious behaviors. Systematically collect financial and non-financial data from sources in any format for better risk management, pairing complex qualitative risk assessment with custom quantitative analysis.
Processing forms
Accelerate processing times and automate accounting workflows by extracting contextual data from contracts, invoices, receipts, and other forms, and then routing the key information to the relevant resources or triggering appropriate actions directly.
Intelligence and advanced analytics
AI/ML is the ultimate “force multiplier” for analysts sifting through endless volumes of data, whether trying to find a needle in the haystack or summarizing across all of your data holdings. Snorkel Flow helps U.S. National Security customers create game-changing AI/ML applications to analyze & connect disparate datasets, apply context & infer meaning, and ensure intelligence advantage.
Triage and monitoring
Analyze massive unstructured data sources, automatically detect relevant information characterized by your own unique interests, and accelerate vital intelligence to analysts & decision-makers. Achieve greater performance gains by exploiting domain-specific features of your own data, plus rapidly and easily adapt to changes in external data inputs or internal mission objectives.
Predictive analytics
Make sense of enormous collections of structured datasets, using historical data to enable predictions on streaming input data, identify long-term trends, and forecast future shifts. Train high-accuracy, adaptive anomaly detection models over databases, logs, network traffic, and more, without hand-labeling training data using Snorkel Flow.
Natural language processing
Build custom, AI-powered text analytics applications that extract entities, events, and relationships from documents across diverse sources. Develop highly-accurate machine learning models that recognize, tag, extract, and link standard or custom entities and events with guided iteration and built-in analysis tools.
AI and machine learning are powerful tools for accelerating the speed and quality of the life-saving work performed by medical professionals from the research lab to the emergency room. Snorkel’s technology ​​has been used for text extraction applications on medical records at the Department of Veterans Affairs, to mine scientific literature for adverse drug reactions in collaboration with the Food & Drug Administration, and profiling presenting symptoms of patients screened for COVID-19.
Improving patient outcomes
Analyze patient health records to detect anomalies and find potentially problematic medical conditions, as well as assist diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Screen patient messages for indications of possible depression, suicidal thoughts, dementia, or other mental health issues.
Claims processing
Identify entities in patient records and recognize insured persons, loss amount, and policyholder information to process claims faster. Monitor documents to identify potentially spurious claim behavior and extract fine-grained details from client documents that indicate likely subrogation claims.
Enhancing research
Automate data extraction from clinical trial records for digital pathology, classify medical papers by topic to improve research access, and classify patient records to identify actionable clinical trial candidates.
Digital transformation
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have already transformed virtually every industry, and are also transforming the business of government for organizations able to successfully operationalize these capabilities. Snorkel Flow makes it practical for any government agency to rapidly build adaptable AI applications to support your unique needs, goals, and missions.
Workflow automation
Remove points of friction and automate complex procedures with a deeper, more precise understanding of processes on any channel. Replace cumbersome, error-prone manual tasks with fully-auditable, AI-enabled workflows to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.
Strategy development
Analyze all available information to identify and evaluate possible courses of action. Intelligently find relevance, novelty, and impact of data to inform strategic thinking and improve decision-making.
Engagement analytics
Process chats, transcripts, emails, and other sources of information to understand every customer or constituent interaction deeply. Use your own interaction data to train machine learning models with mission or agency-specific attributes.
Building AI/ML applications for cyber use cases is notoriously difficult due to the huge volumes of data involved, the deep subject matter expertise required to annotate the data, and the continuously changing nature of the data. U.S. National Security customers today rely on Snorkel Flow to rapidly label vast amounts of network traffic data to train machine learning models for a number of mission-critical cybersecurity applications.
Network traffic analysis
Automatically identify network activity by application type, extract device details to optimize network performance, and predict unusually high or low traffic to efficiently reallocate resources.
Policy enforcement
Evaluate network activity against defined policies to automatically detect violations and take remedial action.
Attack/anomaly detection
Characterize anomalous network traffic and alert organizations of suspicious activity. Identify and monitor malicious attacks in real time.

A radically new approach to AI

Conventional AI approaches rely on generic third-party models, or brittle rule-based systems, or armies of human labelers. With Snorkel Flow, programmatically labeling unlocks a new workflow that accelerates AI app development.

With Snorkel Flow

Customize state-of-the-art models by training with your data & adapt to changing data or goals with a few lines of code.
Leverage cutting-edge ML to go beyond simple rules and retain the flexibility to audit and adapt.
Label thousands of data points programmatically in hours while keeping your data in-house and private.

With conventional approaches

Hand-labeled ML is hugely expensive, with usually no way to iterate, adapt, be privacy compliant, audit, or reuse.
Pre-trained vendor models often don’t work on your data, no way to customize, adapt, or audit.
Rules-based approaches often don’t perform well on complex data or adapt easily to data or goal changes.

The platform for data-centric AI development

The platform for data-centric AI development

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Customer Stories
February 26, 2022
Genentech used Snorkel Flow to extract information from clinical trials

February 18, 2022
Google used Snorkel to build and adapt content classification models

Intel used Snorkel to accelerate sales and marketing agents

Apple built a Snorkel-based system to answer billions of queries in multiple languages


The Future of

Data-Centric AI

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