Customize generative AI using your data

Adapt proprietary and open-source LLMs using your data and domain knowledge to build high-quality generative AI applications with Snorkel Flow.

Boost quality

Reduce risks

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Develop data for high-quality generative AI


Power generative AI use cases


Fine-tune on diverse conversational datasets for enhanced language understanding and response accuracy.


Incorporate domain-specific data to ensure precise, context-aware assistance in specialized tasks.

AI search

Refine search algorithms using private and fast-changing content for more relevant and precise results.


Employ narrative and informational texts to develop AI's ability to condense content while retaining essential information.

Text generation

Utilize a variety of textual sources to enable LLMs to produce coherent and contextually appropriate content.

Code generation

Analyze extensive code repositories to train AI in writing functional, efficient, and error-free code.

Generative AI Data Development Blueprint


Generative AI data development platform capabilities

Customization and fine-tuning

Quickly customize models to specific tasks, response styles, or incorporate additional knowledge 100x faster.


Consolidate large models down to smaller, faster, and more accurate models that are purpose-built and cheaper to run. 

Hallucination prevention

Reduce the likelihood of confidently incorrect answers that compromise enterprise decision-making by improving the underlying data to get more accurate responses.

Risk management

Control what types of content is created or  transmitted through prompts or other methods, resulting in the compromise of confidential data inputs.

Transparency & audibility

Improve model trustworthiness and predictability by knowing with certainty the data that was used to train your model.

 Synthetic data

Create new data to protect PII or adjust underrepresented or over-represented variables within your data with the same distribution.

Prompt engineering

Customize prompt templates to maximize their effectiveness at scale.

Lifecycle management

Continuously improve model performance to respond to changes in requirements and markets faster.

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