Label data 100x faster programmatically

Rather than asking domain experts to provide individual labels manually or outsourcing to questionable 3rd party services, transform their insight into labeling functions that are applied intelligently 100x faster.
Learn how Google reduced 6 months of hand labeling down to a 30-minute process

Labeling functions: simple techniques for complex use cases 

Quickly encode data and expertise into software with programmatic labeling functions using keywords, existing ontologies, knowledge bases, other models, and cluster embeddings.
Dive deep into programmatic labeling

Build better AI starting today

Dive into our curated selection of guides and demos to streamline your AI journey.

Unparalleled support for complex data types

Leverage pre- and post-processors, data viewers, and LF types purpose-built for text, PDFs, conversational data, and more.
Leveraging Data-Centric AI for Document Intelligence and PDF Extraction

Adapt easily to inevitable changes

Keep models performant in the face of data drift or objective changes by only updating a handful of labeling functions vs billions of data points. 
Importance of data development: highlights from the Enterprise LLM Summit

AI data development platform capabilities

Flexible labeling function creation

Effortlessly create custom Labeling Functions(LFs) with our intuitive no-code UI and SDK, or leverage auto-suggested LFs to speed up AI data development even further.

AI data development as software development

Snorkel Flow’s label models aggregate your LFs intelligently to label data at scale automatically.

Labeling functions from external models

Incorporate signal from integrated the latest LLMs and foundation models using prompts.

Curate data at scale

Leverage programmatic labeling to curate, filter, and augment slices of data to build highly relevant training datasets from millions or billions of data points into smaller distilled models specialized towards a specific task.

Labeling functions from existing labels

Reuse existing labels (even noisy ones) as labeling functions that are combined and corrected by other labeling sources.

Annotator Suite

Our interface enables domain experts to label ground truth and troubleshoot challenging data slices during iteration.

Instant feedback

Get real-time quantitative and qualitative feedback on the labeling functions you write for guided iteration.

Diverse data displays

Multiple ways to view your data (individual, table, clusters, etc.) help you understand and label it more efficiently.
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March 1, 2023
Combining foundation models with weak supervision

Scrabble tiles spelling "foundation." Relevant to Foundation Models, no?
March 1, 2023
Foundation models: a guide

December 21, 2022
How programmatic labeling can minimize data exposure

On the Opportunities and Risks of Foundation Models

January 4, 2023
Ask Me Anything approach bolsters foundation models

A Survey on Programmatic Weak Supervision

January 26, 2023
How Foundation Models bolster programmatic labeling

Customer Stories
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January 11, 2023
How Pixability uses foundation models to accelerate NLP application development by months

December 23, 2022
How a top 3 US bank used Snorkel Flow to automate 10-K review for their analysts

December 19, 2022
How Georgetown University’s CSET uses Snorkel Flow to build NLP applications to inform policy research

November 2, 2022
How a big four consulting firm used NLP to monitor news for audits with Snorkel Flow


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