Thousands of labeled images, one labeling function

Empower your subject matter experts to classify images using a variety of programmatic methods at enterprise scale.

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Classify images using a variety of programmatic methods

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Power Computer vision AI use cases

Inventory management

Leverage computer vision to optimize inventory tracking, analyze shelf stock, optimize shipping and logistics, and more.

Healthcare diagnostics

Analyze medical images like X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, to assist in early disease detection and improve diagnostic accuracy.

Document analysis

Automate the extraction and analysis of information from documents, such as forms or invoices, streamlining administrative processes.

Agricultural monitoring

Use computer vision for crop monitoring, analyzing plant health, predicting yields, and identifying various species of plants.

Security and surveillance

Enhance the detection of unusual activities and secure access to buildings, systems, and sensitive areas.

Quality control

Inspect products on assembly lines for defects or deviations from standards, ensuring consistent quality and reducing the need for manual inspection.

AI data development for computer vision


CV data development platform capabilities

Cross-modal support

Incorporate both raw images and supporting text captions & metadata within the same image annotation workflow

Image similarity search

Annotate images that are visually similar to a given target image or usage words and phrases to search and classify images

Collaboration Management

Manage teams of manual annotators and SME reviewers within the same product experience as your machine learning workflows

Error correction

Iteratively analyze & visualize errors in your CV model, correct any mislabeled ground truth 

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