Data-Centric AI applied

Discover the real-world impact of adopting data-centric AI using Snorkel

Snorkel Flow, is used by Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, and research institutions to accelerate AI application development by 10-100x. The applications developed with Snorkel range from from tackling climate change to unmasking human trafficking risks and automating clinical trial screening—to money laundering detection and information extraction.

In choosing Snorkel Flow, organizations were able to unlock net-new use cases for NLP, document processing, automation, analytics, and more that were previously blocked by manual labeling.

This collection of case studies details how data-centric workflows are applied to build high-quality, governable, and adaptable AI applications. And celebrates the people and organizations who are using Snorkel to deliver real-world value to their end users.

You’ll see how Snorkel has been used in

  • Financial services, to accelerate the development of an AI-driven KYC collusion, and to quickly build AI applications that extract and classify information from critical clauses in loan documents
  • Healthcare, to extract chronic disease data from clinical trials and to label medical datasets replacing person-years of hand-labeling
  • Technology, to replace high-cost, high-latency crowdsourcing of labeled training data

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