Snorkel AI is teaming up with Google Cloud to help organizations and AI innovators solve their most difficult problems by transforming raw, unstructured data into actionable AI-powered models.

We’re excited to build on years of academic partnership and collaboration with Google to jointly deliver real, significant value for our customers. We started by ensuring that Snorkel Flow easily deploys on Google Cloud infrastructure, ingests data from Google Cloud data sources, and integrates with Google AI and Data Cloud services. 

Snorkel AI and Google Cloud are now partnering to build out-of-the-box integrations that further streamline MLOps workflows—for example, Snorkel Flow’s new native integration with Google BigQuery. With a few clicks, data scientists can immediately pull relevant data from Google Cloud directly into Snorkel Flow and then label data programmatically to quickly generate training sets over complex, highly variable data.

A Data-Centric AI Development Workflow with Snorkel Flow on Google Cloud

Google Cloud Partner Engineering Dr. Ali Arsanjani Director (who spoke at Snorkel’s Foundation Model Virtual Summit) and Snorkel AI VP of Marketing Devang Sachdev discuss our partnership and the new BigQuery integration in this post, Accelerate data-centric AI development with Google Cloud and Snorkel AI.

To learn more about Snorkel AI and our long-standing relationship with Google, we highly recommend this presentation Snorkel AI co-founder Henry Ehernberg delivered at a recent Google Cloud BigQuery Innovation event, Accelerate AI development by eliminating the pain of manual labeling.

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