Snorkel AI is delighted to announce a partnership with Aimpoint Digital, a premier analytics firm specializing in AI application development that builds, operationalizes, and scales data science solutions for biopharma, manufacturing, retail, and other major industries.

Aimpoint Digital leads the industry in solving complex challenges and exploiting value-generating opportunities for organizations of all sizes through data. The company helps clients worldwide take critical ideas from thought through execution by integrating self-service analytics to implementing AI at scale and modernizing data infrastructure environments.

Through this partnership, Snorkel AI and Aimpoint Digital will make the Snorkel Flow available to every current and future Aimpoint Digital client. Snorkel AI’s unique programmatic labeling approach equips data science and ML teams to overcome manual labeling bottlenecks, accelerating AI application development 10-100x and allowing clients to do more with their data. 

Aimpoint Digital’s team of data scientists, data engineers, analytics consultants, and industry experts can now take full advantage of the latest technologies in AI and ML—programmatic labeling, weak supervision, foundation models, and more—to help clients solve their most complex challenges as part of a cohesive data-driven strategy.

Current Snorkel AI customers (including Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, and other AI innovators) already benefit from Snorkel Flow’s data-centric approach and can now tap Aimpoint Digital’s experience developing, refining, and deploying end-to-end analytics applications. The firm’s experts help organizations operationalize and scale AI across multiple departments via strategy consulting, specialized training, solutioning workshops, and retainer-based services models. Aimpoint Digital also plays a vital role in building and operationalizing underlying analytical infrastructure & data architectures – both on cloud and on-prem – that enable data analysts and data scientists to create and deploy ML projects at scale.

Proven track record of AI success

Snorkel AI and Aimpoint Digital teams have independently proven track records of success in providing advanced analytics and AI solutions in areas such as:

Healthcare and Biopharma

  • World-leading life sciences innovators leverage Snorkel Flow to speed clinical trial success, improve patient outcomes, and enhance research. Global biotech leader Genentech, for example, uses Snorkel AI to extract critical information from lengthy clinical trial protocol (CTP) pdf documents. The team built AI applications that used named-entity recognition, entity linking, text extraction, and classification models to determine inclusion/ exclusion criteria and to analyze Schedules of Assessments, ultimately achieving 95-99% model accuracy.
  • Aimpoint Digital’s PhD-trained Life Science specialists have led over a dozen projects optimizing R&D, clinical, and commercial operations. The firm’s data science team has built AI solutions to evolve the patient/provider experience, accelerate the drug discovery process, reduce the length of stay at hospitals and cost-of-care optimization, predict rare genetic disorders, and more. 

Manufacturing & Industrials 

  • The world’s leading provider of technology and services for the energy industry, Schlumberger, has used Snorkel Flow to build AI applications that automatically extract geological entities and critical field data across various document structures and report types they receive from their customers. This has reduced the processing time of reports from 1 to 3 hours per report to just a few seconds.
  • Aimpoint Digital’s team has extensive experience optimizing throughput, product quality, production schedules, utilization forecasting, and many other value-driving use cases. Aimpoint Digital’s Explainable Manufacturing (EM) platform, for example, quantifies how each production parameter impacts manufacturing yield. Working with a major plastics manufacturer, the firm holistically analyzed 612 unique production parameters across 12 machines, resulting in a 22% reduction in scrapped parts and a 15% greater throughput. 

Retail / CPG

  • Using Snorkel Flow, a global home goods e-commerce company, has improved accuracy by 7-22% when classifying products from descriptions and reduced development time from four weeks to one day. 
  • Aimpoint Digital’s team of retail analytics experts have extensive backgrounds working for or with some of the largest retail companies in the world. The firm has helped optimize supply chain operations, demand forecasting processes, and more. For example, check out how Aimpoint Digital uses NLP to unlock insights from NPS.

Together, Snorkel AI and Aimpoint Digital will help organizations across the globe solve critical challenges specific to their business and ultimately realize the potential of AI at scale.

Learn more

To learn more about the partnership, check out the press release. If you’re ready to dive in and learn about how Snorkel Flow can help your enterprise scale AI deployment, request a live demo.