Snorkel AI Service Level Agreement

Last Updated: October 8, 2021

These Snorkel AI Service Level Agreement (the “Service Level Agreement”) apply to any agreement between Snorkel AI and Customer that references this Service Level Agreement (the “Agreement”). Any capitalized terms used but not defined herein will have the meanings prescribed to them in the Agreement. This Service Level Agreement describes Snorkel AI’s standard service levels for the Hosted Service, which will only be provided to Customer to the extent that Snorkel Flow is deployed on a Hosted Basis pursuant to an Order Form.

Snorkel AI will: (a) make the Hosted Service available to Customer at least 99% of the time, excluding scheduled maintenance, measured on a collective, rolling 6-month basis; (b) prepare and implement a disaster recovery plan intended to restore service within 24 hours after any interruption of the Hosted Service; and (c) implement commercially reasonable measures designed to secure the Hosted Service against unauthorized access to or alteration of Customer Data submitted to or stored on the Hosted Service; provided that Customer is solely responsible for maintaining the security and operability of its systems and devices used to access the Hosted Service and ensuring timely transmission of, and the accuracy, quality, integrity, and reliability of all Customer Data submitted to the Hosted Service.