It’s been an exciting few months for us at Snorkel AI. Data-centric AI platforms and programmatic labeling solutions are fast becoming critical needs for enterprise ML teams. Snorkel AI has invested over half a decade researching core techniques for data-centric AI approaches such as weak supervision and programmatic labeling, and over two years developing and deploying the world’s first data-centric AI platform, Snorkel Flow. We have had the privilege to work along incredibly talented teams at BNY Mellon, the world’s largest custodian bank, Chubb, the world’s largest P&C insurer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the world’s largest and oldest cancer center, and more Fortune 500 enterprises. Given the rising market interest, we’re continuing to scale our team with leaders from the enterprise and AI/ML domain. I couldn’t be more excited or humbled to welcome Aparna Lakshmi Ratan, VP of Product, Kiran Bondalapati, VP of Engineering, Shwetha Alampalli, Head of Talent, and Karim Tarmohamed, VP of Sales to Snorkel AI’s executive team.

Aparna Lakshmi Ratan, VP of product

Aparna joins Snorkel AI from Meta, where she was the Director of Product Management. She led the product teams for the AI Platform, including PyTorch and the extended end-to-end developer tooling ecosystem, at Meta (previously Facebook).  She also has extensive experience working on large-scale ranking/recommendations systems and is an active contributor to Women in Product, Women In ML and the MLsys communities. Aparna is responsible for building and leading the product organization. 

AI is growing rapidly powering a diverse set of applications in the enterprise today and Snorkel AI addresses one of the biggest bottlenecks for ML practitioners with its differentiated data centric paradigm. I joined Snorkel compelled by the mission, the world class team and the unique opportunity to build a product that delights customers and accelerates the path from idea to production impact at scale.
Aparna Lakshmi Ratan, VP of Product, Snorkel AI

Kiran Bondalapati, VP of engineering

Kiran has a deep background in leading enterprise product teams from startups like Cohesity, ZeroStack and Bromium to enterprises such as AMD and Uber. Kiran Bondalapati is responsible for leading various Snorkel Flow development teams. 

Enterprises are realizing that data is really the center of their artificial intelligence journey and Snorkel is building the platform to enable that journey. I am here to lead a world class engineering team that solves the technical challenges to build this platform.

Kiran Bondalapati, VP of Engineering, Snorkel AI

Shwetha Alampalli, Head of talent

Shwetha joined us as the Head of Talent last year. Before Snorkel AI, Shwetha worked in organizations like Meta and Model N, where she drove impact by helping build product organizations. She also helped start the Women in Product community during her time at Meta. Shwetha is an incredible leader and is focused on helping us build a strong, diverse culture and creating an inclusive and belonging environment for our teams. 

The opportunity at Snorkel is unlike any other! I’m working with an amazing team of founders! I’m here to help build the company with the right people who are passionate about the subject. As head of our Talent organization, I’m very excited to focus on Talent, compensation, and performance.

Shwetha Alampalli, Head of Talent, Snorkel AI

Karim Tarmohamed, VP of sales

Karim joins us from Mulesoft (part of Salesforce), where he led a team of 30+ sellers and leaders in the east and during his time helped the east grow from $0 to $200M ARR. MuleSoft went public in 2017, was acquired by Salesforce in 2018 for $6.5B and is now a $1B ARR business. As the Vice President of Sales, Karim will be responsible for building and leading Snorkel AI’s go-to market.

Snorkel AI has one of the best teams in AI/ML, a highly differentiated product solving an unsolved problem, incredible product market fit and timing, and a huge market opportunity. My job is to complement all of that with a world class GTM engine fueled by the most talented GTM professionals in the world.

Karim Tarmohamed, VP of Sales, Snorkel AI

Interested to join the team? Snorkel AI is hiring across all teams. Find out more about open positions on our careers page.