At Snorkel AI, we’re building a unique team that’s equally ambitious and supportive. Our diverse experiences and perspectives help shape our team from engineering to customer success to operations and everything in between. The collaborative spirit that brings us together is based on clear communication, autonomy, passion for impact, and celebrating each other’s successes, big and small.This “meet-the-team” blog post will give you a glimpse into our team and the people who are moving the AI industry forward. We plan to update this post frequently with more Snorkelers and new ones as they join the team. If you’re interested in joining us, please visit our careers page.

Alyssa Maruyama, Front-End Engineer

I’m a front-end engineer at Snorkel AI. I grew up in Berkeley, CA. I had planned on becoming an artist, but after college, I worked in aerospace for a few years, which made me want to try front-end development instead. In my time as a front-end engineer, I’ve appreciated the balance between structured engineering and design freedom.I wanted to join Snorkel AI immediately after meeting the team. Everyone I talked to was friendly and intelligent. On seeing an environment of collaboration and support, I knew it’d be an excellent fit for me. I am happy to say that my coworkers continue to impress me, even after joining!When I’m not working on React components or data visualization, you can find me hiking and working on home improvement projects. Lately, my dog and I have been exploring hidden pedestrian paths in Oakland. So many little trails close to home!Find me on Linkedin or Instagram.

Hiromu Hota, Machine Learning Engineer

I currently work as a Machine Learning Engineer at Snorkel AI. Before joining Snorkel AI, I was a Senior Researcher at Hitachi and a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University.With my co-workers at the Machine Learning Engineering team, I work with our customers to tackle frontier use cases, which can be technically challenging but impactful to our customers and our society at large. I find it interesting to find practical solutions that meet both business and technical constraints. I also work with the other engineering teams at Snorkel AI to brainstorm, design, and implement new features that help those new use cases.I believe that programmatic labeling is a game-changer for machine learning because of the training data bottleneck. Also, I think that the platform that Snorkel AI has built is unlike any other. Plus, I like the Snorkel AI team a lot. So there was no reason not to join Snorkel AI. Snorkel AI was literally “the company I’d quit my job for.”We are very fortunate to have a chance to work with leading companies in various fields. I like to learn new things, so I’m excited to work with and learn from domain experts at those companies who have vast amounts of domain knowledge in the field. Last but not least, I also learn a lot from my co-workers through everyday interactions. These are unofficial but great perks to work as a Machine Learning Engineer at Snorkel AI.Find me on Twitter or Linkedin.

Priyal Aggarwal, Machine Learning Engineer

I am a Machine Learning Engineer at Snorkel AI. I recently graduated with a Master’s in Computer Science from Columbia University. The first time I got to know about Snorkel AI was when I met the team at Grace Hopper Celebration. Cut short to the time I had an offer from Snorkel AI and was debating whether to join a big company or a startup, I talked to more people on the team and was floored by the fantastic bunch of people this company had. I even wrote a blog post about my thought process!Having completed three months at Snorkel AI now, I am amazed at my growth trajectory.Every role at Snorkel AI is cross-functional. As an MLE, I work not just on ML problems but also on software engineering, product management, and customer engagement!Moreover, the people in the team are a fun bunch, we make memes about software bugs and compete in air fryer contests. My favorite times have been (air frying) samosas contest with the MLE team and making string art at Ladies Social.I am thoroughly enjoying working with a thoughtful team towards changing the way companies build AI applications. Preferred pronouns: She/HerFind me on Twitter, Linkedin, or my blog.

Manas Joglekar, Founding Engineer & Backend Team Lead

I’m a Founding Engineer at Snorkel AI. I lead the Backend team, which builds and manages Snorkel Flow’s data and machine learning systems. Before Snorkel AI, I worked on using deep learning to improve personalization at Google.I chose to join Snorkel AI because I wanted to try a startup. Snorkel AI seemed like a safe bet given the amazing founding team and the considerable impact the technology had had even before the company’s founding.I’ve worked closely with some of our earliest customers. I have witnessed the massive speedup in model development and performance improvements on real customer problems using Snorkel AI’s data-first approach. I am excited about building and scaling that approach and helping change the way AI applications are built in the industry. You can find me on Twitter, Linkedin, or Github.

Helen Page, Visual Designer

I’m a visual designer at Snorkel AI. I’m from the UK and currently live by the sea on the South-East coast of England. At Snorkel AI, I work as part of the marketing team, helping to build and maintain Snorkel AI’s visual language. Before I started working with Snorkel AI, I was freelancing as a designer and illustrator. Over the last few years, I’ve worked on a range of projects including rebrands, packaging, editorial, events, and digital. One of the best Snorkel AI projects so far has been our most recent website launch and all of the design work leading up to it, which gave me the opportunity to work across a variety of design and illustration challenges and make decisions that made a difference to the result.When I’m not at my desk, I like to spend time hiking, traveling to new destinations, or making (and eating!) delicious vegan food; I love traveling the most as it gives me the chance to do all three at the same time! Some of my favorite places that I’ve visited so far are New York, Bologna, and Bangkok. I also enjoy playing tennis but I have a love/hate relationship with it as I’m super competitive.You can find me on Twitter or Linkedin.

Quinn Sure, Business Operations & Account Manager

I joined Snorkel AI because I love the idea of “iterative ML,” where data can be “programmed” to help ML capture how humans make decisions in iterations. I was blown away when I saw Snorkel Flow generalize beyond labeling functions – it’s like teaching a child what evaporation is, and the child deduced why it rains! To me, Snorkel AI is what the future of AI looks like – humans can instruct robots not just through rigid and brittle “if statements” but also bits and bites of knowledge that can be imprecise individually.Outside of work, I spend a lot of time thinking about environmental issues. I started a solar rooftop development company with friends in college, which led me to become a cleantech VC investor. I am most proud of the environmental and carbon impact I have made through the solar rooftops I helped develop and the cleantech startup companies I worked with. I trace my passion for cleantech to a love of nature. So ever since I moved to the Bay Area 3 years ago, I often find myself in trails and parks in my free time. You can reach me on Linkedin.

Aarti Bagul, Machine Learning Engineer

I’m a machine learning engineer at Snorkel AI. I was born and raised in India and moved to the states for undergrad.Before joining Snorkel AI, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work in machine learning for several years with some fantastic mentors –  with David Sontag at NYU (now at MIT) on applications of ML to clinical medicine, with John Langford at Microsoft Research contributing to Vowpal Wabbit (an open-source ML system), and with Andrew Ng as a machine learning engineer at his startup Landing AI, as head TA for his deep learning class at Stanford (CS230), and in his research lab at Stanford.I recently worked at Andrew Ng’s AI Fund on helping build ML companies from scratch internally and invest in ML companies (a hybrid MLE/PM/VC associate role).One of the main reasons I joined Snorkel AI is the fantastic team. That, and I fundamentally believe that weak supervision and programmatic labeling is a better way to iterate ML applications and make ML practical (and our customers agree!).It’s rare to have brilliant, thoughtful, and fun coworkers, a product that has a solid value proposition and commercial interest, and have exciting problems to work on day-to-day.My role at Snorkel AI is a mixture of machine learning engineering, product management, and software engineering roles. I primarily work on helping our customers achieve success on their ML tasks, brainstorming what needs to be built back into the product from these iterations, and then building it myself or handing it off to our amazing backend team.I love that I can go from reading and presenting state-of-the-art research papers one day to thinking about improving the user flow on our platform on another.We’re still at the beginning of our journey and have lots of exciting work ahead of us  – join us!You can learn more about me and my work on a podcast I did recently on Youtube.You can reach out to me on Twitter or Linkedin.

Gavin Lin, Platform Engineer

I am an engineer working on the Platform & Infrastructure team at Snorkel AI.Before joining Snorkel AI, I have only worked at big companies (Google, Amazon), and it’s a change of perspective coming here. I enjoyed the level of transparency and cross-functional collaboration at Snorkel AI, where I get to learn so many other parts of the business (Sales, Marketing, GTM) that I have limited exposure to in my previous roles. If you are aspiring entrepreneurs trying to see the inner workings of a fast-growing company, look no further!I also love the level of ownership and enthusiasm my fellow Snorkelers show towards their work and the company, which I firmly believe is working on ground-breaking technology and industry-leading products. I am also constantly amazed at the level of talent we have at Snorkel AI (I just learned that we have a race car champion here!) and what everyone brings to the table. I am glad to be on this rocketship 🚀 !Outside of work, you might find me in all kinds of random places: snowy mountains (snowboarding 🏂), on the water (surfing 🏄‍♂️ or kayaking 🚣), underwater (snorkeling or freediving 🤿). I also really enjoy trying all kinds of novel experiences, so feel free to reach out when you need a buddy for an adventure!You can reach me on Linkedin.

John Allard, Backend Engineer

I’m a Backend Software Engineer here at Snorkel AI, and I work on developing the APIs and other compute primitives that allow Snorkel Flow, our end-to-end platform for developing machine learning applications, to run efficiently in a wide range of scenarios. Recently, I’ve been working on improving Snorkel Flow’s support for parts of the ML lifecycle around deployment and monitoring of trained models.There are many exciting aspects of working at Snorkel AI, but the two that excite me the most are working with such an intelligent and thoughtful team and having the ability to work on fixing a problem that I have personally struggled with previously in my career. Effectively managing training data at scale is extremely challenging, and we’re developing tools to simplify that process drastically.One of my favorite ways to spend my time outside of work is to entirely unplug and head off into the wilderness on long solo backpacking trips. I’ve backpacked through large swaths of California, Arizona, and Southern Utah in these last few years, including a 200-mile journey on the John Muir Trail. When I’m not backpacking, I spend much of my time reading with a concentration on history and science fiction. My favorite Sci-Fi books of all time are Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson and The Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons.You can find me on Linkedin or Github.

Alexis Zumwalt, Director of Federal Strategy and Growth

Alexis Zumwalt portrayed

I am the Director of Federal Strategy and Growth at Snorkel AI, now a unicorn tech company in the AI space. Before joining Snorkel AI, I held various roles in investment banking, venture capital, and startups, including most recently as the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) in the Department of Defense, where I sourced innovative technology companies for Army Futures Command. While growing up, I wanted to be a third-generation chicken farmer in the rural lands of South Texas. But, unfortunately, my dreams of a gallus-gallus domesticus-grandeur came to a halting stop after a mishap at the San Antonio Stockshow and Rodeo (feel free to ask me about the chicken escape 2010). With my cluck-cluck dream scuttled, a career in finance and tech was the logical next choice. In my free time, I enjoy running, skiing, and reading. I have a specific interest in reading historical biographies. Ask me anything about Winston Churchill, Andrew Carnegie, or Eleanor Roosevelt. You name it—I’ll have a solid answer.You can reach me on Twitter or Instagram.

Will Huang, ML Infrastructure Engineer

I’m on the platform team, and I work on everything in the sphere of traditional infrastructure (deploys, CI, dev-environment, production environment) and platform scalability and performance. I also work directly with infrastructure teams at several of our customers in finance and government. Previously I was an infrastructure engineer at Lyft, where our team led the company-wide migration to Kubernetes.What excites me the most about working at Snorkel AI is the team’s strength and how we collaborate. At Snorkel AI, I’m lucky to be working with some of the brightest minds in ML today (who also happen to be some of the friendliest people I’ve met!). We have a culture of aggressively spreading knowledge and investing in personal growth. Beyond just contributing to our codebase, I’ve learned and contributed in significant ways to everything from recruiting to the go-to-market. This type of cross-pollination is uniquely encouraged at Snorkel AI!Outside of engineering, I’m an amateur electronic music producer and DJ. I also breakdance in my free time — and have been competing in breakdancing tournaments across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and Bay Area since 7th grade!Find me on Twitter, Linkedin, or Github.

Charlie Greenbacker, Head of Federal & Strategic Technology Programs

I joined Snorkel AI to lead Federal and Strategic Technology Programs because I saw a real opportunity to make a difference for some of the world’s most critical missions. I’ve spent the past 15+ years in the national security space, first in the Air Force, then as a data scientist supporting the DOD and Intelligence Community, and most recently leading AI investments at In-Q-Tel.In these roles, I’ve been repeatedly amazed by how AI and machine learning are already transforming the business of government. But the positive impacts of this transformation, from increasing the efficiency of public services to enhancing the effectiveness of tax dollars, are still in the earliest stages. Throughout the government, AI projects often come up short because of challenges like the pain of creating labeled training data and the need for explainability – challenges that Snorkel AI is uniquely and elegantly solving by enabling subject matter experts to create AI applications powered by their existing domain knowledge iteratively. Of the nearly 5,000 startups I saw during my time at IQT, Snorkel AI had the most impressive team, product, vision, and potential to accelerate the practical use of AI across the government, which is why I knew I had to join. In my spare time, I enjoy classic video games and coaching my kids’ youth sports teams. I’m always happy to chat about pee-wee football play-calling strategies, restoring early 1980s arcade machines, or using natural language processing to analyze massive amounts of text data.

Brandon Yang, Machine Learning Engineer

I’m a machine learning engineer at Snorkel AI, where I worked closely with some of our earliest customers and currently lead cross-functional efforts to build new end-to-end workflows for AI application development.I’ve been particularly excited to define and build new systems for ML development without labeled data and think deeply about questions like:

  • What are the suitable interfaces for different personas (including data scientists, subject matter experts, and annotators) to build, monitor, and deploy AI applications?
  • What are the right underlying abstractions to support a wide range of AI application types across several industries?

Many of the systems we need to build to support this new paradigm of AI application development haven’t been built before, so it’s an incredibly humbling and potentially impactful challenge!I first found out about Snorkel AI when I was at Stanford, where I worked on a project to identify bias and potential errors in parole hearing transcripts. From the beginning, I was very excited about the impactful applications of Snorkel AI. But by far, my favorite thing about Snorkel AI has been the incredibly thoughtful, talented, and kind group of people!In my free time, I love just about anything that gets me outdoors, most recently surfing and biking!You can reach me on Linkedin or Twitter.

Koryna Gonzalez, Recruiting Coordinator

I am originally from Tucson, AZ. I am proud to be the first recruiting coordinator with Snorkel AI, currently part of Team People, and help facilitate and schedule interviews for all our teams across the board.I have been working at Snorkel AI for a few months now – which can feel like two years and also two weeks all at the same time! Team Snorkel is rapidly expanding – and I am the main point of contact for our candidates once they enter our recruiting pipeline.  Something that makes me excited to come to work every day is the truly exceptional team that makes up Snorkel AI. I work with an incredibly knowledgeable bunch, and they are more helpful than I could ever ask for. Being a recruiting coordinator, I rely heavily on this team to assist in many interviews I schedule – and everyone is always more than willing to jump in as needed. I feel lucky to be surrounded by such talented, brilliant minds – the team at Snorkel AI is unlike anything else!I love to disconnect from work and hop on my Peloton for a cycling class in my free time! I love being active and going on walks in the bay area – especially when the weather is sunny, which can be pretty rare in San Francisco. I also love traveling to see my family and friends in Arizona, spending time with my nieces, and exploring new places across the globe with my boyfriend. We will be flying to Hawaii in October and Italy in December for our next planned vacation!Aside from recruiting, I am also very passionate about event planning – and hope to one day own a wedding event planning company with my sister, Aubrea. She happens to also work at Snorkel AI as our first Executive Operations Manager! Check out her Snorkel Spotlight as well!You can reach me on Linkedin.

Aubrea Stone, Executive Operations Manager

I am the Executive Operations Manager at Snorkel AI! It is such an exciting time to be here, and I feel so humbled for this opportunity. I support our Co-founder and CEO, Alex Ratner, and oversee the Exec Ops Team. Earlier in my career, I have been an Executive Assistant at New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Egon Zehnder, and Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). My absolute passion is to provide assistance to executives and complete administrative tasks that facilitate the CEO’s ability to lead an organization effectively. No task is too small — I will always be evolving, learning, and growing!What excites me the most about working at Snorkel AI is the brilliant, like-minded team of people I get to collaborate with and assist while providing my expertise to improve all things related to efficiency and structure. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and am looking forward to our growth as a team and individually.On a more personal note, I love spending quality time with my husband, our one-year-old daughter, family, and friends. We are from Arizona and absolutely love the sunshine, desert, and stunning sunsets our home state has to offer! Hiking, wine tasting, and outdoor concerts are some of my favorite activities outside of the office. I aspire to travel the world (will be a little more interesting with a toddler but nevertheless, I cannot wait to show her some of our favorite destinations!) and must say that I left a piece of my heart in Mykonos, Greece, in 2018 and hope to own a vacation home on the island one day!You can reach me on Linkedin.

David Hao, Software Engineer

I’m a platform engineer at Snorkel AI. My responsibilities are a mixture of application infrastructure (computational performance, core services) and site reliability engineering (monitoring, alerting, deployments). Before Snorkel AI, I worked for five years at Addepar as a site reliability engineer and developer infrastructure engineer.I’m incredibly excited to be working at Snorkel AI! The platform team (and the company in general) has many talented people who are a joy to work with. I’ve learned a significant amount across a great variety of domains, including marketing and general startup operation. Snorkel AI is tackling a very salient challenge in the AI space, and I find Snorkel AI’s approach to solving this problem very intuitive and understandable, even for a non-expert in the ML space like me.In my free time, I enjoy traveling whenever I can! For 2021, I’ll be on a road trip through the American Southwest, hiking all of the national parks in the region. When not traveling or hiking, I spend my time playing indie games and exploring whatever city I find myself living in.You can reach me on Linkedin.

Sakshi Gupta, Software Engineer

I joined Snorkel AI in June 2021 as a backend engineer on the ML Foundations team, and before that, I worked for Youtube and Facebook’s Feed Ranking teams as a software engineer.I wanted to move to a smaller company at the start of the year – and I was eyeing companies between 100 to 1000 people, but once I found out about this then 50-people startup, it slowly kept moving up my list! Moving from a very large company to a significantly smaller one was intimidating – but the people at Snorkel AI I talked to instilled my faith in the company and its culture immensely during and after my interview process. Everyone that I spoke to was not only incredibly smart but extremely driven and excited about the product. Reading the “Meet the Snorkelers” posts back then surprised me with just how amazing my future coworkers were!My favorite team activity here’s been the Whatever-You-Want (WYW) sessions at every all-hands. Any employee can come and speak about something they’re interested in for 5 minutes – and so far, we’ve tried dance moves, learned about how insecure our wifi’s are, and looked into the most popular emojis used within Snorkel AI. Snorkel AI is great with initiatives that make it easier to know more people, which is wonderful since I onboarded remotely during COVID – be it the virtual cafe where we sometimes grab a meal together or a donut – which helps set up a 1:1 with a random Snorkeler every two weeks.When I’m not working, I love reading science fiction and fantasy books, attending improv meetups, staring at my plants till they grow, playing badminton, and trying new experiences. Some of the memorable ones from the past year are deepwater snorkeling 😃 with manta rays without knowing how to swim and attending a silence meditation camp for three days when I couldn’t meditate even for 20 minutes.You can reach me on Linkedin.

Roberto Iriondo, Head of Content

Before coming to Snorkel AI, I led front-end development and marketing for the Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon and built Towards AI, one of the most significant AI publications in the world. My work at CMU and Towards AI helped me discover that I love marketing and working in the AI space.I am enamored with Snorkel AI, not just because Snorkel AI is the elephant in the room when it comes to building, deploying, and scaling powerful AI applications end-to-end, but because of its focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion—where every snorkeler is an owner, backed by trust, autonomy, and a fantastic team.As someone who likes to work heavily independently and in teams to achieve goals together, Snorkel AI gave me a huge opportunity to lead their content and inbound marketing strategy. I am very fortunate to be part of the team leading breakthroughs in the AI space, powered by solid state-of-the-art research. I see a significant opportunity to help Snorkel AI spread the word about the fantastic work we are doing, both in research and application, and I plan not to rest until everyone in the AI space has heard of what we are trying to achieve. Outside of work, I enjoy playing World of Warcraft, love movies, reading books, and having fun with my little one. He is the light of my life, and I wouldn’t work so hard if it wasn’t for him.You can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Roshni Malani, Engineering Manager

I am an engineering leader at Snorkel AI, focused on building a phenomenal user experience for programmatic labeling, data analysis, and visualization. Having worked at large tech companies that invest a tremendous amount of manual labor in gathering, curate, and maintain large datasets of ground truth, I had a hunch that there must be a better way. The idea that you can encapsulate subject matter expertise in a set of heuristics to create labels efficiently was instantly appealing. I am so excited to help create a truly collaborative platform that invites data scientists and domain experts to iterate together and refine their ML models quickly while guiding them to improve label coverage accuracy. The advantages are genuinely striking: code-based training data is auditable, privacy-preserving, and just faster to obtain. This technology is being brought to life by an amazingly talented, thoughtful, and considerate team. I am honored to have the opportunity to learn from such intelligent, patient, and energetic people. I love bringing together engineers, aligning on a problem statement, and then watching as the creativity and dedication shine through. I work hard to ensure that everyone is motivated and proud of the quality of the features they’ve helped build. I often reflect on the decision to transition from engineering to leadershipthe work is immeasurably more difficult, but I’ve found it is also immeasurably more satisfying. If you are thinking about a career in engineering, I would love to chat with you as you consider different paths in your future.You can reach me on Github or Linkedin.

Charlie Wang, Full-Stack Software Engineer


Charlie Wang portrayed

I am a Full-Stack Software Engineer at Snorkel AI. I was born, raised in Mountain View, CA, pursued a BA in Computer Science at UC Berkeley, employed in the Bay area ever since, so you could say I’ve been here for a bit too long! Before joining Snorkel AI, I was a software engineer at Google, working on Google Apps (also in the Bay Area).I started programming in middle school, building 2D video games with my best friend on the GameMaker platform. Fast forward over a dozen years, and I’m now a Snorkeler, contributing to Snorkel Flow across the stack! We are solving the unique and challenging engineering problem of applying programmatic data labeling at scale and creating mechanisms to change how data can be trained, visualized, and iterated upon.Downsizing from large tech to a startup has been an eye-opening experience. Here at Snorkel AI, we tend to move fast, juggle multiple priorities, and demo new features often. There is a phenomenal group of minds here, but we like to have fun aside from work too! Virtual cafeterias and reoccurring fun events remain highlights of my time here.Outside of the office, I like to read, swim, practice yoga, and play the piano (not necessarily in that order). I’m also a video game enthusiast and a Super Smash Bros. Melee player. Last but not least, I hope to return to video game development sometime in the future!You can find me on TwitterLinkedin, or Github.

Shenell Glover, Federal Business Development and Capture Manager

Shenell Glover portrayed

I am a Federal Business Development and Capture Manager at Snorkel AI. Before joining Snorkel AI, I was a Business Development and Strategy Consultant, primarily serving the federal government and its vendors in Washington, DC, and Los Angeles, CA. At Snorkel AI, I work on the go-to-market team to identify federal opportunities, build relationships with industry and customers, and develop strategic approaches that will position Snorkel AI to win in a competitive market. After interviewing with the team, I already made the decision to accept the offer. After joining, everyone made me feel that my expertise was valued, and I left confident, knowing I had support if any learning curves appeared while transitioning into a new industry. Since joining, the consistent support and vast knowledge sharing have far exceeded my expectations. I am excited about the opportunity to work with an excellent team and discover all the possibilities of Snorkel Flow’s programmatic labeling approach.When I am not working to help innovative companies integrate into the public sector, I am working with community organizations and small businesses to build capacity by securing grants and other forms of financial assistance to fulfill their missions. My hobbies include being a tech and gadget enthusiast with my son, cooking, and learning about different cultures. You can find me on Linkedin.

Pourio Lee, Product Designer

Pourio Lee portrayed

I am a Product Designer at Snorkel AI. Before joining Snorkel AI, I was a Sr. UX Designer at Apple, and before that, I was a Sr. Art Director working in advertising and marketing around LA and the East Coast.While I was on my journey for new opportunities, I ran across Snorkel AI, specifically Dr. Bubbles, and being the designer that I am, I really appreciated the non-techy, friendly and approachable mascot chosen to represent the company. From there, I read more into what Snorkel AI was doing and realized that I had something to offer besides my experience in design. I was familiar with the space, having worked on an AI platform years ago at another company.I realized that the mascot, Dr. Bubbles, perfectly encapsulated the people who worked at Snorkel AI: Friendly, curious, inquisitive, and incredibly smart. I felt (and still feel) like a normy child among wunderkinder, and I am glad they decided to take me in. When I chatted with them through my interview process, they were thrilled to work at Snorkel AI and wanted to make a difference. I then knew that I wanted to be part of a culture that encouraged and embraced that excitement. I enjoy talking about world history, different cultures, travel, food, and world politics outside of work. I do not understand American football, so don’t expect much of a response if you talk to me about it.You can find me on Linkedin.

Molly Friederich, Head of Solutions Marketing

Molly Friederich portrayed

I am the Head of Solutions Marketing at Snorkel AI. People are inherently fascinating to me. So much that I often get distracted by conversations among strangers (much to my husband’s embarrassment). Luckily, this awkward habit is an undeniable strength when it comes to my work. By understanding people—what motivates them, what they need to do, and what’s in their way—, I’m able to deliver insights to my teammates so we can collectively make better product and go-to-market decisions. I have spent the past six years doing this type of work at SendGrid, during which time we grew from 70 employees to 500, went public, and ultimately joined the Twilio family of about 3,000 talented people. Now, having joined Snorkel AI, I’m thrilled to return to an early-stage company with a culture that’s as kind and collaborative as it is exceptional and disruptive. Snorkel Flow unlocks the potential of AI for business, government, and nonprofits to the degree that’s inspiring. I’m honored to be a part of the team delivering Snorkel Flow to the trailblazing organizations that will use it to do amazing things. You can find me on Linkedin.

Ryan Smith, ML Research Engineer

Ryan Smith portrayed

I am a Machine Learning Research Engineer at Snorkel AI. Before joining Snorkel, I worked as a Data Scientist at Wootric (now InMoment), focusing on analyzing and displaying results from customer feedback to clients. This took me in the direction of NLP research and ultimately led me to joining Snorkel AI!Snorkel AI has blown me away with the core technology surrounding labeling functions and the modular design applied to end-to-end machine learning tasks. There is so much room to improve ML across tons of different applications using Snorkel Flow that it’s hard not to be excited with the possibilities. My role at Snorkel AI will be primarily implementing and iterating on experiments around the literature regarding weak supervision and its interactions with several other NLP developments. I’m thankful to be joining a fantastic team of highly talented researchers and engineers, which makes me very eager to get started on some of these open questions.Outside of Snorkel AI, I love football, and I am a huge Giants fan and have been having a blast watching this first-place team all season. I’ve also been known to (pandemic permitting) play slow pitch softball, read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy (on a huge Sanderson reading binge at the moment), and eat all the pasta I can find.You can find me on Linkedin and Github.

Jeanette Price, Field and Events Marketing Manager

Jeanette Price portrayed

I’m a Field and Events Marketing Manager at Snorkel AI. Before joining Snorkel AI, I was leading marketing and events efforts for small to medium size tech startups. Being at the forefront of tech changing the world for the better and doing it with really smart, cool, and kind people. One person that I genuinely admire is Haute Dokimazo’s CEO, Liz Lathan. She’s ridiculously creative, daring, a dreamer, whip-smart, and non-stop extraordinary! Tell me, what kind of person decides she’s going to best COVID by producing a 24-hour event that takes attendees all around the globe with 100 hours of continuous live virtual programming so compelling that you want to stay up all night to experience it? Plus, she plans and executes it with mostly a volunteer team, on a brand new platform, in six weeks. Liz and her volunteer team: 1. COVID: 0. During my free time, you’ll find me in nature hiking, trying a new yoga class or doing a retreat, walking my dog, watching water polo, whipping up something random from the fridge, or on better days, I’ll be checking out a new restaurant or visiting a new destination.You can find me on Linkedin.

Victoria Lo, Frontend Software Engineer

I’m a frontend software engineer at Snorkel AI. I’m a Bay Area native who has worked as a software engineer in different company sizes and positions, from working in the backend at a mobile gaming company, full-stack at a self-driving car company (while learning frontend), and Yelp mostly in frontend. During COVID, I took some time off and started a coding Twitch channel, but I missed working, so that’s when I joined Snorkel AI!I’m excited about what Snorkel AI is doing – having previously worked on a labeling platform, it’s amazing (and fun!) to see true auto-labeling in action. And most of all, it’s great to come to work with my coworkers – Snorkel AI gives plenty of opportunities (even remotely!) to get to know my coworkers as people (and get fed along the way).In my free time, I occasionally do archery (recurve), horseback riding (English), and ice skating, but mostly I consume memes and hang out with my friends – mostly trying new restaurants! I love chatting about social media, human behavior, animals (I used to be pre-vet), and all things CSS!You can find me on Linkedin and Github.

Andrew Xia, Software Engineer

I currently work as a software engineer on the platform team at Snorkel AI. I’m originally from Boston, where I also completed my undergraduate and masters at MIT. Before Snorkel AI, I was an engineer at Lime.It’s been a fantastic experience at the company so far, as our team covers a wide scope from CI/CD, dev ops, deployment for our customers to performance and scalability work. It’s been a very rewarding experience at Snorkel AI so far, as I really enjoy working with amazing people at the company while also having many exciting problems to work on. As much as I’ve felt like I’ve grown, the company has grown at an even faster pace, and I’m very excited to see where we head in the coming months. It is really rewarding to speak to our customers and hear about their excitement from the model improvements they achieve by using Snorkel Flow.In my free time, I enjoy cycling, hiking, and skiing in the winter. You can find me on many Bay area bike rides! I’m also involved with climate initiatives in San Francisco, which is a topic I am very passionate about. I’m always excited to meet people with whom I share interests!Feel free to reach me through my Linkedin or Github.

Tim Sedwitz, Head of Revenue Operations

I’m the Head of Revenue Operations at Snorkel AI.  I grew up in San Diego, CA but currently live in Brooklyn, NY, with my fiancée, Erin.  I went to college at Princeton University (Go Tigers!), where I studied Politics and played on the varsity soccer team.  Before Snorkel AI, I spent 8 years at Yext, where I led the GTM strategy function. I also spent several years building out the original Sales Ops and CS Ops functions and was Chief of Staff to the CEO.I decided to join Snorkel AI because I believe there’s a tremendous opportunity in front of us.  That, and everyone I met on the team, was incredibly friendly and intelligent. I’m very excited to start building out the RevOps function!When I’m not working, you can find me working out, hiking, or watching sports (huge San Diego Padres and LA Chargers fan). I also love to explore the various neighborhoods that NYC has to offer and work on my golf handicap!You can find me on Linkedin.

Arjun Prakash, Director of Solutions Strategy and Operations

I’m Arjun Prakash, and I lead our investments in use-cases and solutions to scale Snorkel AI’s incredible platform across domains and industries. I was born in India and was raised across a few different countries, including India, Russia, and the United Kingdom. My love for travel and other cultures has taken me across multiple cities and countries since, with my wife and I considering San Francisco home now.Snorkel AI’s mission of making AI more practical and accessible to enterprises resonated and called out to me because I’d seen the need for it first hand. In my past life, I repeatedly saw enterprises bottlenecked to make AI practical because, while they had troves of invaluable data, the data wasn’t AI-ready. Meanwhile, Big Tech firms were going from strength to strength in AI – in large part – because their data was already labeled and structured, thereby making it usable for the data-hungry models of today.Since joining Snorkel AI, my excitement has grown — we have an even more significant opportunity to create value for enterprises than I had first recognized! The same core technology that makes it possible to label data using human-understandable labeling functions also lends itself to continuously curating the data in response to changing business needs and new input data – making it possible not just to develop models but also to keep the models relevant. This effort places us in a unique and humbling position to truly enable enterprises to create AI applications that stay relevant over time. If this excites you, consider reading more about our work on our technology page or checking out our open positions — we are hiring. You can reach me on LinkedIn or by email.

Anthony Bishopric, Head of Platform Engineering

I am an engineering leader at Snorkel AI. I was born in San Francisco but grew up in Miami, Florida. After college, I came back to SF to work at a solar power startup and don’t have any plans to leave. In my free time, I bike around Marin county and make weird, occasionally edible ice creams. Since moving back to San Francisco, I have been an early-stage engineer at 3 companies that filed an IPO within 5 years. Snorkel AI drew me in when I realized that it’s not just a technology company but an entire methodology for developing ML applications. Snorkel AI has also built an incredibly strong, considerate, and thoughtful team. We were deep in the throes of COVID-19 when I joined, but it struck me how approachable everyone in the company was despite being remote. It’s a nice combination of highly desirable qualities in a workplace, and I’ve loved being here to form its core DNA.I love to talk about infrastructure challenges, building the airplane while it’s in the sky, why `go fmt` is probably the best technology innovation in the last decade (fight me), and the best bakeries in the bay area. And, of course, I love telling people about Snorkel AI. It’s a fantastic place to work and needs people who aren’t afraid to take ownership and have an inherent desire to do great work.You can find me on Linkedin.

Nic Acton, Federal Solutions Architect

I’m the first Federal Solutions Architect at Snorkel AI’s Federal team. I’m a cross-functional, solution-driven interface ensuring success for our customers and partners operating in the United States Government and Defense Agencies. Before Snorkel, I was a managing consultant at Accenture Federal Services and an Enterprise Systems Engineer at In-Q-Tel.I was amazed when I first saw Snorkel AI’s platform and its novel programmatic labeling methodology. I believed the platform was something data-driven Federal customers could use to build sustainable, trustworthy AI capabilities rapidly. Having an opportunity to connect with the incredibly talented people on both the Federal and Engineering teams before I joined gave me even more confidence that I was making the right decision.While I’ve worked closely with dozens of innovative technology startups during my career, I’m particularly excited for the opportunity to actually take part in building Snorkel AI’s Federal practice at this early stage. I’m also constantly impressed by the caliber of my coworkers in my cross-functional projects, and I learn something new every day!In my spare time, I explore and discuss urban policy projects for the Washington DC metropolitan area using data analytics and GIS, usually at one of DC’s many delicious coffee shops. I also provide career coaching for others seeking non-traditional entries into the AI/cloud technology industry (I was a Mechanical Engineer for my first job). When I can pull myself away from my computer, I’m active with weightlifting, hiking, climbing, biking, or inactive with catching up on the latest movies!You can find me on Twitter, Linkedin, and my blog.

Harshini Jayaram, Director of Business Operations and Growth

I’m Harshini Jayaram, the Director of Business Operations and Growth at Snorkel. I grew up in Pullman, WA, then attended college at MIT. After graduation, I spent several years as a program manager at Microsoft in Seattle, before moving back to Boston to pursue my M.B.A. and M.P.P at Harvard. After graduating, I moved to San Francisco where I now live!At Snorkel, I lead operational and growth initiatives. This involves developing our business insights & analytics capabilities, facilitating cross-functional alignment, engaging with strategy decisions, and building out the business infrastructure to help the company grow and scale effectively. The breadth of the work I do allows me to draw on my passion for working at the intersection of technology, business, and policy. I’m excited about the data-centric AI platform that we are building at Snorkel, and our mission to unlock the true potential of machine learning. We have an amazing team and I learn something new from my colleagues and Dr.Bubbles every day. I’m an avid runner, currently working on running a full or half marathon in every state (33/50 done!). As I travel for the races, I enjoy learning about the state. For example, a fun fact about Arkansas – it is the only place in the world where the public can mine for diamonds (though I didn’t find any when I went)! I also love reading fantasy novels, baking new foods, and watching movies. Every year I try to watch all the Oscar Best Picture Nominees, then have a watch party where I bake foods themed to my three favorite nominees.You can find me on Linkedin.