We love meeting people in the data science and machine learning community and appreciate every opportunity to share our work. Here are a few upcoming events and talks that Snorkelers plan to participate in. If you are planning to join one of these events, don’t be shy to say hi! If you want us to participate in your events, send us an email at info@snorkel.ai.

Upcoming Events

Jan 20, 2021: TWIMLcon
Real-time machine learning by Chip Huyen
Jan 30, 2021: Fireside chat with Mantissa Data Science
Career chat with Hiromu Hota
Feb 3, 2021: Ai4 Cybersecurity Summit
State of AI in Cyber chat with Charlie Greenbacker
Mar 3, 2021: Ai4 Finance Summit
State of AI in Banking chat with Alex Ratner

Past Events

Dec 17, 2020: AICamp
Programmatic Supervision for Machine Learning by Paroma Varma
[Webinar] [Recording]
Dec 16, 2020: Open Core Summit
Making ML practical with Snorkel by Braden Hancock [Talk]
Dec 14, 2020: Practical AI Podcast
Making ML practical with Snorkel by Braden Hancock [Podcast]
Nov 19, 2020: NLPOSS @ EMNLP
Principles of good machine learning systems design by Chip Huyen
Nov 15-18, 2020: ODSC West
Software 2.0 and Snorkel: Beyond hand-labeled data by Alex Ratner
Nov 12, 2020: MLSys Seminar Series
Principles of Good Machine Learning Systems Design by Chip Huyen [Talk] [Recording]
Nov 10, 2020: Lightspeed Virtual IT Knowledge Series
Unblock Enterprise AI with Snorkel Flow by Alex Ratner hosted by Saqib Awan and Raviraj Jain from Lightspeed Venture Partners [Talk]
Nov 9, 2020: Monday Science PodcastAI challenges in Healthcare by Brandon Yang and Dr. Bahijja Raimi-Abraham [Podcast] [Recording] [Key takaways]
Nov 5, 2020: MLSys Seminar SeriesProgrammatically Building & Managing Training Data with Snorkel by Alex Ratner [Talk] [Recording]
Oct 29, 2020: Determined AI Podcast Series
Programmatic Data Labeling for Machine Learning by Alex Ratner and Ameet Talwalkar [Podcast] [Recording and write-up]
Oct 6, 2020: NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference 2020
AI Startup Showcase by Alex Ratner [Talk]
Jul 22, 2020: Challenges in Deploying and Monitoring ML Systems @ IMCL
Machine Learning Production Pipeline by Chip Huyen [Slides] [Discussion]
Apr 4, 2020: Software Engineering DailySnorkel: Training Dataset Management by Braden Hancock [Podcast] [Recording]