How Wayfair is transforming customer experiences with data-centric AI

See how they were able to label millions of images in months vs. years and improve the accuracy of their models by 20+ points


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Learn how Wayfair is harnessing the power of machine learning and data to make it easier for customers to find the exact home products they’re looking for with Snorkel AI on Google Cloud. You’ll find out how highly accurate product tags can be extracted from supplier-provided labels and product images to clean and enrich online catalogs. This delivers higher-quality content for customers and the ability to quickly adapt as customer searches evolve. Bottom line - they were able to increase their add-to-cart rates, reduce their cart abandonment rates, and increase their average order size and customer lifetime value.

Join us and see how:

  • You can accelerate delivery of your AI apps by up to 100x

  • Using Snorkel, Wayfair's product tagging models improved by 20+ points over models trained on manual labels

  • Wayfair was able to boost its add-to-cart ratio with a 7% increase in customer engagement on search results

Date: Thursday, April 25, 2024

Time: 9:00-10:00 AM PST



Vinny DeGenova

Associate Director of Machine Learning

Vinny is the Head of Catalog Understanding at Wayfair, composed of teams leveraging ML to understand the product catalog, annotate and extract information from user generated content, and develop foundation models which power on site experiences ranging from competitive intelligence to Search & Recommendations. With a background in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Computer Science, he has 10 years of industry experience ranging from leading personalization ML teams to developing ML solutions in the defense industry.


Kieran Kavanagh

Principal Architect, Retail
Google Cloud

Kieran Kavanagh is the Principal Architect for the Wayfair account in Google Cloud, with decades of experience in senior technology roles at companies such as Amazon and AT&T, leading some of the industry's largest AI/ML and digital transformation programs. He is also an author and content creator on the topics of AI/ML and cloud transformation.


Skip McCormick

Managing Director, Governance & Risk Management | Artificial Intelligence Hub
BNY Mellon


Daniel Xu

Product Lead @ Snorkel AI
Snorkel AI

Daniel Xu is Snorkel AI’s Product Lead for Enterprise Readiness. He is leading the charge to help build the next generation of data-centric ML experiences and infrastructure. Daniel launched Snorkel’s first computer vision product, which enables data scientists from customers like Wayfair and the US Air Force to complete image classification tasks more efficiently & accurately than human labelers by leveraging programmatic labeling and cross-modal FM-in-the-loop workflows.


Skip McCormick

Managing Director, Governance & Risk Management | Artificial Intelligence Hub
BNY Mellon


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