Snorkel Foundry Services

Co-delivery of custom GenAI solutions, combining Snorkel expertise with unmatched speed.

What is Snorkel Foundry?

Snorkel Foundry is a project led by Snorkel that focuses on creating custom generative AI solutions. Our team of trusted AI experts will work with you to rapidly develop your data and fine-tune custom LLMs using our best practices and IP.

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How to get started with Snorkel Foundry

  • Share sample/ proxy data with your Snorkel account team.
  • Schedule technical deep dive with Snorkel Applied Research team.
  • Align on a scope, resources & proposal.

Platform capabilities underpinning Snorkel Foundry

Flexible labeling function creation

Effortlessly create custom Labeling Functions(LFs) with our intuitive no-code UI and SDK, or leverage auto-suggested LFs to speed up AI data development even further.

AI data development as software development

Snorkel Flow’s label models aggregate your LFs intelligently to label data at scale automatically.

Labeling functions from external models

Incorporate signal from integrated the latest LLMs and foundation models using prompts.

Labeling functions from existing labels

Reuse existing labels (even noisy ones) as labeling functions that are combined and corrected by other labeling sources.

Annotator Suite

Interface for domain experts to label ground truth and troubleshoot challenging slices during iteration.

Instant feedback

Get real-time quantitative and qualitative feedback on the labeling functions you write for guided iteration.

Are you ready to dive in?

Build high-quality AI 100x faster with Snorkel Flow, the AI data development platform.
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