Trustworthy AI: a Practical Roadmap for Government

April 21, 2022 | 12:00 - 2:00 PM Eastern Time

The implementation and integration of Trustworthy AI into our country's most critical systems is essential to accelerating economic prosperity and national security. However, traditional approaches to developing machine learning (ML) models and AI applications suffer from numerous challenges that create significant ethics and governance concerns.

This two-hour online event will explore the challenges facing organizations seeking to employ Trustworthy AI, practical steps being taken by leaders in government and beyond to ensure its effective use, and how new data-centric technologies are enabling its development.

Topics Covered
  • Trustworthy AI challenges, policy frameworks, and practical solutions
  • Explainability and Transparency
  • Detecting and Mitigating Bias
  • Supply Chain Integrity for AI/ML
  • Governance and Auditability
  • Provenance and Lineage
  • The challenges of relying on manual data labeling
  • New data-centric approaches to Trustworthy AI
  • Securely operationalizing AI/ML
  • AI/ML use cases for the Government

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Meet the thinkers and doers who are implementing Trustworthy AI solutions.

All times are Eastern
12:00PM - 12:20PM
Welcome and Snorkel AI Overview
Alex Ratner
CEO and Co-founder, Snorkel AI
12:20PM - 1:00PM
Government Keynote Presentation
Gregory Ihrie
1:00PM - 1:25PM
The Benefits of Programmatic Labeling for Trustworthy AI
Braden Hancock
Co-founder and Head of Technology, Snorkel AI
1:25PM - 1:55PM
Academic and Industry Perspectives on Ethical AI
Alexis Zumwalt
Director of Federal Strategy and Growth, Snorkel AI
Swati Gupta
Fouts Family Early Career Professor and Lead of Ethical AI (NSF AI Institute AI4OPT), Georgia Institute of Technology
Thomas Sasalsa
Chief Data Officer, Department of the Navy
Sakshi Jain
Senior Manager of Responsible AI (Equity and Explainability), LinkedIn
Skip McCormick
Data Science Fellow, BNY Mellon
1:55pm - 2:00PM
Wrap up - Snorkel
Alexis Zumwalt
Director of Federal Strategy and Growth, Snorkel AI
Who should attend this event?

Anyone involved with developing AI policy or implementing AI systems for the federal government (or other public sector organizations) would benefit from joining this event, including: data scientists, policy/decision makers, analysts, researchers, engineers, program/acquisitions managers, contractors, and more.

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Will the content be available after the event?
This event will be recorded and shared with registered attendees afterwards.
How much does it cost to attend?
This is a FREE event — there is no cost to attend.

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