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Live Demo of Information Extraction with Snorkel Flow

December 7, 2023 | 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Pacific Time

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In this live demo of Snorkel Flow, you’ll see how you can rapidly scale information extraction in the enterprise, and you’ll hear how Genentech, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center, and other leading healthcare companies have accelerated AI development from months to days with data-centric AI data development workflows in Snorkel Flow.

Join this live event to learn how Snorkel Flow can help you streamline your data mining and accelerate the extraction of valuable insights from your data.

You’ll see how Snorkel Flow:

  • Accelerates AI development with a data-centric approach to information extraction, enabling you to build and maintain high-quality datasets by leveraging existing resources and continuously improving the labeling process.
  • Can create labeling functions that capture domain expert knowledge and apply these to extract information from a variety of sources.
  • Continuously updates and analyzes models to guide training data development
  • Enables adapting to real-world changes with a few clicks instead of manual relabeling from scratch
  • Provides transparency around where your training labels are coming from and how to update or correct them to improve model performance
  • Supports one-click deployment of trained models in sealed application packages that can be run locally or transferred to your production environment

Space at this event is limited to enterprise users, and advanced registration with a business email is required. Your registration request will be reviewed by the Snorkel team, and you will receive an email confirmation from Zoom once approved to attend the live event. Registration will close 24 hours prior to the event.

About the presenter

Nazanin Makkinejad

Nazanin Makkinejad

Machine Learning Solutions Engineer
Snorkel AI

Nazanin Makkinejad

Nazanin Makkinejad is a machine learning solutions engineer at Snorkel AI, where she works with enterprise data science teams to realize the benefits of data-centric AI and Snorkel Flow. Prior to her role at Snorkel AI, Nazanin was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), working on the intersection of deep learning and brain image analysis. She has a Ph.D. from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Biomedical & Medical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The University of Illinois Chicago.


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