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May 8, 2024 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific Time

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Join our product experts for a deep dive into our new release features, including enhanced connectivity, enterprise readiness, and human-in-the-loop collaboration as well as support for multimodal data.

The webinar will be a guided tour of all our new features including:

  • Enhanced data security with granular RBAC controls: prescriptively define access permissions and maintain control over data access and upload permissions.
  • Support for multimodal use cases: extend programmatic data labeling to image data and computer vision tasks, unlocking new opportunities for AI-driven insights.
  • Flexible data and LLM connectivity: Integrate seamlessly with popular LLMs, data sources, and LLM data systems, avoiding vendor lock-in.
  • How Snorkel Flow complements Snorkel Custom: Combine the power of the latest version of Snorkel Flow with our enterprise accelerator program to deliver production AI results under mounting pressure.

This webinar is designed for existing Snorkel Flow customers as well as anyone looking to understand how to harness their data for custom AI solutions.

Register now to secure your spot and learn how to leverage the latest features and enhancements in Snorkel Flow to customize LLMs (Llama3, Gemini, etc.), drive innovation, and deliver enterprise-grade AI.

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Vincent Chen

Product Director
Snorkel AI

Vincent is a Product Leader at Snorkel AI, where he leads AI data development workflows in Snorkel Flow. He joined Snorkel as a Founding Engineer and grew the ML Engineering team from zero-to-one. Before Snorkel, he was a graduate student at the Stanford AI Lab and led research on the foundations of data-centric ML systems.

Daniel Xu

Product Manager
Snorkel AI

Daniel Xu is Snorkel AI’s Product Lead for Enterprise Readiness. He is leading the charge to help build the next generation of data-centric ML experiences and infrastructure. Daniel launched Snorkel’s first computer vision product, which enables data scientists from customers like Wayfair and the US Air Force to complete image classification tasks more efficiently & accurately than human labelers by leveraging programmatic labeling and cross-modal FM-in-the-loop workflows.

We look forward to seeing you!

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