AI For Healthcare

From improving patient health to clinical trials, Snorkel Flow provides healthcare innovators with a data-centric platform to build custom AI applications powered by programmatic data labeling.

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Case Study —

Biotechnology Pioneer Uses Snorkel Flow For Clinical Trial Analytics

A biotech giant known for groundbreaking discoveries leveraged Snorkel Flow to extract critical chronic disease data from clinical trials. Expensive, resource-intensive manual processes were quickly replaced with high-performing models.


Saved in on labeling for extraction

To develop the first custom ML model
Accuracy on complex ML pipeline
Accuracy for contract classification
1 Day
Vs. 1 year to adjust to label schema
Contracts processed in minutes

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Approach —

Data-Centric AI

Snorkel AI is leading the shift from model-centric to data-centric AI development to make AI practical.



Save time and costs by replacing manual labeling with rapid, programmatic labeling.



Develop and deploy high-quality AI models via rapid, guided iteration on the part that matters–the training data.



Adapt to changing data or business goals by quickly changing code, not manually re-labeling entire datasets.



Version and audit data like code, leading to more responsive and ethical deployments.



Incorporate subject matter experts' knowledge by collaborating around a common interface–the data needed to train models.



Reduce risk and meet compliance by labeling programmatically and keeping data in-house, not shipping to external annotators.

Why Snorkel Flow —

A Radically New Approach to AI

Conventional AI approaches rely on generic third-party models, or brittle rule-based systems, or armies of human labelers. With Snorkel Flow, programmatically labeling unlocks a new workflow that accelerates AI app development.

With Snorkel Flow

  • Customize state-of-the-art models by training with your data & adapt to changing data or goals with a few lines of code.
  • Leverage cutting-edge ML to go beyond simple rules and retain the flexibility to audit and adapt.
  • Label thousands of data points programmatically in hours while keeping your data in-house and private.

With Conventional Approaches

  • Pre-trained vendor models often don’t work on your data, no way to customize, adapt, or audit.
  • Rules-based approaches often don’t perform well on complex data or adapt easily to data or goal changes.
  • Hand-labeled ML is hugely expensive, with usually no way to iterate, adapt, be privacy compliant, audit, or reuse.

Platform —

Snorkel Flow

The only AI platform that lets you label data programmatically, train models efficiently, improve performance iteratively, and deploy applications rapidly.



Label & Build
Label and build training data programmatically in hours without months of hand-labeling


Integrate & Manage
Automatically clean, integrate, and manage programmatic training data from all sources


Train & Deploy
Train and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning models in-platform or via Python SDK


Analyze & Monitor
Analyze and monitor model performance to rapidly identify and correct error modes in the data