AI For Telecom

From customer service operations to network health and security, Snorkel Flow provides telecom innovators with a data-centric platform to build custom AI applications powered by programmatic data labeling.

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Case Study —

Global MNO Builds Network Traffic Classification Using Snorkel Flow

One of the world’s largest mobile network operators needed to classify encrypted network data flows into their associated application categories. With Snorkel Flow’s comprehensive network data exploration and analysis tools they achieved:


Data points labeled in hours

To develop the first custom ML model
Accuracy above ground truth baseline
Accuracy for contract classification
Accuracy improved on critical data slice
Contracts processed in minutes

Approach —

Data-Centric AI

Snorkel AI is leading the shift from model-centric to data-centric AI development to make AI practical.



Save time and costs by replacing manual labeling with rapid, programmatic labeling.



Develop and deploy high-quality AI models via rapid, guided iteration on the part that matters–the training data.



Adapt to changing data or business goals by quickly changing code, not manually re-labeling entire datasets.



Version and audit data like code, leading to more responsive and ethical deployments.



Incorporate subject matter experts' knowledge by collaborating around a common interface–the data needed to train models.



Reduce risk and meet compliance by labeling programmatically and keeping data in-house, not shipping to external annotators.

Why Snorkel Flow —

A Radically New Approach to AI

Conventional AI approaches rely on generic third-party models, or brittle rule-based systems, or armies of human labelers. With Snorkel Flow, programmatically labeling unlocks a new workflow that accelerates AI app development.

With Snorkel Flow

  • Customize state-of-the-art models by training with your data & adapt to changing data or goals with a few lines of code.
  • Leverage cutting-edge ML to go beyond simple rules and retain the flexibility to audit and adapt.
  • Label thousands of data points programmatically in hours while keeping your data in-house and private.

With Conventional Approaches

  • Pre-trained vendor models often don’t work on your data, no way to customize, adapt, or audit.
  • Rules-based approaches often don’t perform well on complex data or adapt easily to data or goal changes.
  • Hand-labeled ML is hugely expensive, with usually no way to iterate, adapt, be privacy compliant, audit, or reuse.

Platform —

Snorkel Flow

The only AI platform that lets you label data programmatically, train models efficiently, improve performance iteratively, and deploy applications rapidly.



Label & Build
Label and build training data programmatically in hours without months of hand-labeling


Integrate & Manage
Automatically clean, integrate, and manage programmatic training data from all sources


Train & Deploy
Train and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning models in-platform or via Python SDK


Analyze & Monitor
Analyze and monitor model performance to rapidly identify and correct error modes in the data